Sticky Situation

Is there an explanation why it was I that had to deal with this big dilemma? This wasn’t any old problem, it was really bad. Slime was slowly slipping down the drain and clogging the sink. meanwhile slime was also being rubbed into the carpet by my older sister Kate who I think was trying to get it out but I guess slime just doesn’t know how to follow directions! The worst part was we were the only people that knew that there even was slime, which isn’t even allowed in my house. Plus no one was even home, and if anything that could destroy anything in our house were to happen it would all be on Kate’s shoulders. I bet it would be heavy, and I would feel really bad.


I started to think. I thought about the words that my mom had spoken , “don’t get yourself into any more than you are already in, kate.”before I heard the loud noise of the slam of the front door by my mom. I knew that she would not want to put up with this sticky situation. Earlier that day she had already put up with Kate and it was definitely n-o-t NOT pleasant. I hate it when they fight. It scares me but I am not going to steer this story in that direction.


I couldn’t believe that I spaced out and didn’t even notice. I ran to the sink to see what more trouble Kate has caused. I couldn’t believe it a few seconds ago Kate was freaking out and now she was actually cleaning up and not only making it worse. But then I noticed something. Kate was using a white new towel. There was no doubt that my mom would notice the pink slime. You could see it from down the hall.


After I told her that she had only made a bigger mess she got more frustrated. I felt really bad but I started to clean up the mess. I would rather Kate be frustrated  for a day than be miserable for a long time.

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