Hotel Mohawk by Lila

Lila is an amazing writer! Today she read a story to me that she wrote all by her self. amazing right? It’s called Hotel Mohwak. This story is about Lila going on a trip with her family and staying at a hotel called Hotel Mohwak. While Lila stayed at the Hotel with her family they ate many yummy foods like ice cream (Lila’s favorite! stay tuned for more about Lila!!


  1. Hi Emma,
    I loved how you talked about your buddy and how she is an amazing writer. She
    must of taken a writing class. Has she made anymore books ? I love writing books but I love writing true stories about people. Have a great day I hope you respond to me.

    • Hey Maddie,
      Lila has written many other stories and they are all amazing. I enjoy listening to them a lot.

  2. Dear Emma,
    I thought your writing about Lila was AMAZING! You used a lot of information about her. I think I want her to read me a story. It sounds so good ! I also like how you put a lot of information about the book to. I like to write and read stories. Do you like to here them?
    I hope you have a great day!
    P.S your buddy sounds like she took a writing class.
    from, Devon

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