Hotel Mohawk by Lila

Lila is an amazing writer! Today she read a story to me that she wrote all by her self. amazing right? It’s called Hotel Mohwak. This story is about Lila going on a trip with her family and staying at a hotel called Hotel Mohwak. While Lila stayed at the Hotel with her family they ate many yummy foods like ice cream (Lila’s favorite! stay tuned for more about Lila!!


teaching my buddy to                     read!!

 Lila  (in K-T)  is the smartest little kindergartener that I know. She has a great attitude towards learning and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the school year as her buddy!

Lila has the cutest little smile that I have ever seen and It makes my day. Her drawings/ Paintings are incredible (much better than mine as a Kindergartener) and her penmenship gets better every day.

I love Lila’s personality (especially when she is super confident with what we are doing.) Just being around and watching her try and try not giving up puts a huge smile on my face.

Lila is a police cop when it comes to snap-words (if you did not  know snap-words are then they are words that they should recognize the meaning of instantly and that’s what Lila does.)

I can tell that Lila has started this school year off on a good note because of the way she is growing as a student, academically and socially  because of her smile that continue all through the school day.