Like A Queen

Like a queen with such Pride I skipped happily down the hallway. a tall man with such large black shoes met my small pink sneakers. it took a while for a little first grader to find the top of this parents head. from my angle it looked like he was 7 feet tall. I could feel the biggest butterflies swarming in my stomach. I took a big gulp to try to get the frog out of my throat. I looked back up at this terrifying parents head as he gave me the, do you really not know the rules of school look.I pretended I was invisible and took long strides as I ran back into the classroom crying.


As I approached the classroom after lunch I saw Anna. the one that I had saved from the bathroom.  the reason I was skipping. the reason that I got in trouble. I gave her my biggest smile and a friendly wave. Anna only gave me a dirty look in returnment. that made me feel uncomfortable, but I had no idea what trouble was coming my way.


as I sat down  and started writing Anna called over my teacher, Miss. doto,To the door to have a Chit Chat. I thought it was  way to impolite to eavesdrop So I just kept on writing.  but by the look on my teacher’s face she didn’t seem so pleased with what she heard from Anna.


Finally it looks like their conversation had  finished because Miss. Doto was walking back to her desk. I lied she was walking towards me giving me the get yourself to the door at this second. step by step I slowly headed in the direction of the door.  “ Speed it up” Miss. Doto said in a loud whisper.


“What did you think that you were doing in the  bathroom earlier today?” questioned Miss. Doto,

“I saved Anna from the bathroom stall” I said joyfully

“Well Anna told me that you were disrespecting her privacy by climbing under the bathroom stall.”I tried to tell Miss. Doto that the lock was jammed so I had to crawl under the stall to get her out. But I couldn’t tell her that. Miss. Doto would think that I was a liar because a teacher is smart enough to never believe a first grader rather a fifth grader. I wasn’t lying. I only helped her because she was yelling for help and her friend was just laughing and standing there.

Sticky Situation

Is there an explanation why it was I that had to deal with this big dilemma? This wasn’t any old problem, it was really bad. Slime was slowly slipping down the drain and clogging the sink. meanwhile slime was also being rubbed into the carpet by my older sister Kate who I think was trying to get it out but I guess slime just doesn’t know how to follow directions! The worst part was we were the only people that knew that there even was slime, which isn’t even allowed in my house. Plus no one was even home, and if anything that could destroy anything in our house were to happen it would all be on Kate’s shoulders. I bet it would be heavy, and I would feel really bad.


I started to think. I thought about the words that my mom had spoken , “don’t get yourself into any more than you are already in, kate.”before I heard the loud noise of the slam of the front door by my mom. I knew that she would not want to put up with this sticky situation. Earlier that day she had already put up with Kate and it was definitely n-o-t NOT pleasant. I hate it when they fight. It scares me but I am not going to steer this story in that direction.


I couldn’t believe that I spaced out and didn’t even notice. I ran to the sink to see what more trouble Kate has caused. I couldn’t believe it a few seconds ago Kate was freaking out and now she was actually cleaning up and not only making it worse. But then I noticed something. Kate was using a white new towel. There was no doubt that my mom would notice the pink slime. You could see it from down the hall.


After I told her that she had only made a bigger mess she got more frustrated. I felt really bad but I started to clean up the mess. I would rather Kate be frustrated  for a day than be miserable for a long time.

Where I’m From

      I’m from Sanford and Stacey, my parents who put all of their effort into taking care of me and my sisters. Who helps me through almost all the hard times that cross my path. Who makes sure I’m healthy and who loves me with all of their hearts

      I’m from ski races and going up against my dad in Jackson Hole. I always win but sometimes it’s just a little hard for him to admit that he lost against his own daughter. I don’t blame him.  It’s hard to admit that you lost against someone that is forty two years younger than you. I would never say it if I was in my dad’s position.

      I’m from South Beach where my family and I went every year for ten years, from when I was watching my mom freak out when a bird pooped on her shoulder to the first time I let the ocean water pass the level of my knees to the last time I stood on the warm sand as I watched the strong waves spank the sand as if it were for a punishment for misbehavior.

      But most of all I’m from my loving parents and my two best friends who are my sister Kate and Lily.