Hello world, nice to meet you

Hello world, nice to meet you. My name is Emma, I’m in fourth grade and I am looking forward to blogging. I have a little brother,  mom and dad. I live in New York with my family in a house.I play several instruments and I play tennis. I play the violin,viola, and I play the piano. I love animals and my favorite animal is a cheetah. What is your favorite animal? I love to eat ice cream in the summer with my friends. I have a lot of friends that I always play with. I love to play tennis and I play four times a week. I practice tennis with my dad and my brother in my driveway.

One time when I played in a tennis tournament the score was forty all and the score in games was three-three and I lost the point by hitting the ball out and I couldn’t believe and I almost screamed but I remembered that it would be very weird and embarrassing so I didn’t scream.I still lost but it was fun because I got more experience and it was one of my second tennis tournaments and I wasn’t very good at tennis. In case you don’t know how the scoring in tennis works I can tell you. In tennis whoever wins the first point makes the score 15 love, “love” stands for zero in a language I don’t know but since I play tennis I know what it means. After 15 love comes 30 love then 40 love then the game is over or it could also be 15 all or 30 all or 40 all and 15 to 30 but I think you get what I mean. When you play a short set you only play 4 games then the match is over. Once I got to see the 2017 US open and I got to see Roger Federer play. I really want to see Raphael Nadal play in real life and not on TV.

I will be probably be posting a lot about tennis, animals that I like, desserts that I like,and any random thing that I start to like or that someone wants me to post about. If you want me to post about something please comment on my blog. I can’t wait to start blogging!


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