Current Event: The Kid in Charge

Current Event

Title: The Kid in Charge

Article date: March 2nd, 2018

Brian S. McGrath

News type: state

In the article The Kid In Charge Brian S. McGrath tells about how a fifth grade kid named Dom Peters, 11,  is sworn in as Oregon’s first kid governor.

Many kids have been bullied and have gotten hurt from bullies. Dom Peters wanted to stop it. So, he ran for kid governor. “ Even before running for office, Dom would step forward to stick up for people.” says his teacher, Jo Moore.

On January 8, Dom was sworn in as Oregons first kid governor. Fifth graders across the state elected him. If I was a fifth grader in Oregon, I probably have elected him because I want to stop bullying too. Dom campaigned with an anti bullying message. Kid voters liked it. “I’ve seen a lot of bullying, and I’ve been bullied,” Dom said at his first press conference. “I want to stop it.” Oregon’s kid governor program is based on a similar program in Connecticut. I hope that other states will follow and  have a kid president.

Brian Cofrancesco works for the Connecticut Public Affairs Network.

He helped launch Kid Governor in 2015. Dom will also move forward on a big campaign promise. He is starting the Super Kind Writer’s  Club. He hopes to inspire kids to share their stories about the importance of treating others with fairness and sympathy.“Sometimes, kids see problems from a different perspective than adults, and have different solutions,” he told TFK. Is the Kid Governor planning a career in politics? “I haven’t decided on that yet,” Dom says. “I’m going to see where life takes me.”

Tweet: (my tweet is the one with the picture of a kid sitting at a desk)

There is a new kid governor in Oregon! Dom Peters will help people and he will make things better for Oregon. Go kids!#foxmeadowpride@TimeForKids#KidsRuleTheWorld

You can also check out my flipgrid (which is my personal response to the article), and here is a link to the article I used.



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  1. Dear Emma,
    I like how you explained about your article and what it is about. I would love to be a kid president!


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