Mark and I

Me and Mark

Me and Mark are similar in some ways, and different in others. Some people think that siblings are bad and annoying, but I think that they are complicated. Mark can be so annoying that I wish I was an only child, but he can also be nice and helpful too. We are similar because we both play an instrument, we both love vanilla ice cream, and because we both love to read. We are different because Mark is more violent than I am, Mark loves to play on electronics and I don’t as much, and I like to practice piano more than Mark (Mark doesn’t even like to practice piano).

Some of the similarities we have are that we are both smart, before we started preschool and during preschool, our dad taught us how to do math by buying math books and then printing the pages so we both could do it instead of writing in the book. I used to hate doing the math book/ worksheet and Mark used to tease me and he would say “ You don’t like it because it is hard for you. “” hahahahahahahahahaha” I would say back to him, I knew that I was much smarter than him and that was mostly because I was 2 years older than him.  After that incident, my dad made my brother do extra, and then he started to complain about it. We both play the piano. We both like to eat ice cream. Our favorite flavor is vanilla. ( I also love to eat mint chocolate chip) Once, at a restaurant we always go to, for dessert they have ice cream. the flavors that they have are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea and some other flavors. “ Mommy, can I have chocolate?” asked Mark.”Okay, Emma, what do you want?” my mom asked. “Vanilla please.” I said. When we got our ice cream we both took a big spoonful and then “ 1,2,…3!” We  shoved the spoonfuls of ice cream into our mouths right after I said 3! ” Can I try yours?” asked Mark. “ Sure you can “ I said, then I handed my cup to Mark and he took a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream.” this is so yummy!” Mark exclaimed as he slowly ate the vanilla ice cream. “ Mommy, can I get vanilla next time??” “ sure” said my mom. Then we slowly finished our ice cream.We both like to watch TV, we love to read. One time, me and Mark were reading on the couch together, when I read, time usually flies by. we spent over an hour reading together! Finally my dad came and yelled at us to do our Chinese homework and we barely heard him because we were reading like crazy and we didn’t want to stop, but I said “ Come on Mark, we have to do our chinese homework” and then we left together. We like the colors blue and green. We both play tennis, we are both really good at it. We are also funny and we make each other and other people laugh.


We are different because I like to practice piano and he doesn’t. I like to practice piano because it is easy for me but Mark hates to practice the piano. My dad helps him practice piano and when Mark does something wrong, sometimes my dad says is it in a little harsh voice but usually he is not yelling. Well, this is what  what Mark does when my dad tells him he does something wrong,this is what happens. “ I did that right” yells Mark, “ no, you played the wrong note!” etc, then Mark goes off and starts to cry. It is so loud that I wish I could go outside. I play the violin and Mark doesn’t. Mark is more violent than I am, Mark loves to play on electronics ( our family’s ipad, our parents phones, and he loves to watch tv) more than I do, but I think that is because all his friends have an xbox or a nintendo switch and he is just jealous. Mark is a smartypants and I am not, but that might be because I am more mature. We both like to watch TV, I will watch anything on the, but Mark doesn’t like to watch some shows Mark also likes to go onto YouTube and watch people play video games.I like some of them, but others seem a little boring. The ones I especially hate are ones that include blood! One time, Mark turned on the TV and went on to YouTube. he quickly look through the videos and chose one that included blood. “Change the video right now!!”” no” he said, so I grabbed the remote and I went off YouTube, I went to the channel where they were showing the Olympics, turned up the volume and then hid the remote where Mark would never find it.


Even though my brother Mark can be really annoying,he can also be very helpful too. Once I broke my moms favorite pen. It was pretty old and I was pressing really hard when I was writing so the tip fell off of the pen! “ Mommy’s going to kill me!!!!!!!!!!!! “ I said to myself. Soon, Mark came barging into my room yelling “ Emma, where’s mommy?” “ I don’t know, let’s go find her” I said. We found her in the kitchen baking a pizza for lunch. “ Mommy, Mark broke your favorite pen” I said very quickly and I hoped it didn’t sound like I was guilty for something. Lucky for me, Mark forgot that he didn’t break mommy’s pen because he actually broke a different pen the other day! “HALLELUJAH” I screamed/ thought to myself. I was so happy that no one realized that I actually broke the pen. I was actually happy and a little sad at the same time, the reason I was sad was because I didn’t really want to get Mark in trouble even though he is so annoying.


I realize that even though Mark is super annoying, he can be nice and helpful too. Me and Mark are similar in some ways and different in others. We are similar because we are both good at math, we love to read, and because we both love to eat vanilla ice cream. We are different because Mark is more violent than me, Mark loves to play on electronics more than me, and because I play the violin and Mark doesn’t. Even though we fight almost every day, we will always love each other and we will always look up to each other for help because we are family.


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  1. Nice essay, Emma! I can see you are applying everything your learned in this unit. I like the microstories the most.

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