Have A Happy 4th Grade Next Year!

Fourth grade in Mrs. Assatly‚Äôs room is really fun. I am a fourth grader transitioning into fifth grade. I thought that fourth grade was really fun. I think that Mrs. Assatly is a good teacher, she is super nice but also a little strict. In fourth grade we learned a lot about colonial times and the American Revolution. We also learned a lot about how to write a good, long essay. We had many field trips, we went to the Marble Schoolhouse, Wayside Cottage, the PhilHarmonic, St. Paul’s Church, and in P. E. we learned how to kayak and we went kayaking at the Scarsdale Pool. These were some of the field trips we went on. When we learned about Colonial times, Mrs. Assatly chose a job for us that people in the Colonial times would do. I was a ship builder, we had about our topic and then we wrote an essay in first person about our life. We then did a green screen project and we spoke our essay. For the American Revolution, we reached many things about the American Revolution and then we made an all about essay, we then researched a focus topic and wrote an essay about that. We had to make a table of contents, all about the author, dedication, and glossary. We put this all into a book, we had to draw illustrations and draw our endpapers.

In math we learned about decimals, fractions, angles, geometry, area, perimeter, place value, and order of operations ( which we learned a strategy called PEMDAS )







Math is actually my favorite subject in school. During read aloud, Mrs. Assatly reads a lot of books, I really like her voice. We read our books really quickly, We are just finishing our 13th or 14th book. In class we also do something called wordly wise. Wordly wise is for English. We have to learn words and then we have to do different things with them, for example, we have to put to half sentences together to make a full sentence that actually makes sense. Another thing we have to do is to find the meaning of any word and switch the meaning with the actual word.

Fourth grade was really fun this year, I hope you will have a great time in fourth grade!

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