Tech Post #2 – Safety Breakout

Yesterday in tech, we played a fun game called breakout edu. There was a box with many locks and it was filled with safety googles. There was a box on each side of the room and an extra box in the middle of the room. We split into two teams and looked for clues so that we could figure out the combinations of the locks and unlock the box. We eventually unlocked all three of the boxes with nine minutes remaining! It was really fun and exciting.

Tech Post #1 – Safety

In tech, the first thing we did was talk about safety. Safety is so important in the classroom because there are a lot of things that could hurt us. I learned to wear safety googles so that nothing will get into my eyes, I learned that soldering irons can heat up to 842º! I think that the main rule in the classroom is to think before you act. There are many ways to get hurt in this class. You can cut yourself with scissors, you can burn yourself with hot glue guns or even soldering irons! All of these safety rules make sure that no one gets hurt.

Have A Happy 4th Grade Next Year!

Fourth grade in Mrs. Assatly’s room is really fun. I am a fourth grader transitioning into fifth grade. I thought that fourth grade was really fun. I think that Mrs. Assatly is a good teacher, she is super nice but also a little strict. In fourth grade we learned a lot about colonial times and the American Revolution. We also learned a lot about how to write a good, long essay. We had many field trips, we went to the Marble Schoolhouse, Wayside Cottage, the PhilHarmonic, St. Paul’s Church, and in P. E. we learned how to kayak and we went kayaking at the Scarsdale Pool. These were some of the field trips we went on. When we learned about Colonial times, Mrs. Assatly chose a job for us that people in the Colonial times would do. I was a ship builder, we had about our topic and then we wrote an essay in first person about our life. We then did a green screen project and we spoke our essay. For the American Revolution, we reached many things about the American Revolution and then we made an all about essay, we then researched a focus topic and wrote an essay about that. We had to make a table of contents, all about the author, dedication, and glossary. We put this all into a book, we had to draw illustrations and draw our endpapers.

In math we learned about decimals, fractions, angles, geometry, area, perimeter, place value, and order of operations ( which we learned a strategy called PEMDAS )







Math is actually my favorite subject in school. During read aloud, Mrs. Assatly reads a lot of books, I really like her voice. We read our books really quickly, We are just finishing our 13th or 14th book. In class we also do something called wordly wise. Wordly wise is for English. We have to learn words and then we have to do different things with them, for example, we have to put to half sentences together to make a full sentence that actually makes sense. Another thing we have to do is to find the meaning of any word and switch the meaning with the actual word.

Fourth grade was really fun this year, I hope you will have a great time in fourth grade!

Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Title : Wild Card Contender From Texas Wins The 2018 National Spelling Bee

Source : DogoNews

Article date : June 5th, 2018

Author : Hannah Shariff

Summary :

On Thursday May 10, a 14 year old boy named Karthik Nemmani from Scoggins Middle School in McKinney, Texas won the 2018 National Spelling Bee. He stunned the world when he beat crowd favorite and veteran competitor Naysa Modi. He won by spelling the word koinonia. Koinonia means an intimate spiritual or Christian communion.

Naysa messed up on the word bewusstseinslage. She messed up the single and double “s”. Even though Karthik won this national spelling bee, he did not win his county or even regional spelling bee. In fact, it was Naysa who had defeated him and other competitors in March at the Golden Chick Dallas Regional Spelling Bee! Karthik won a trophy, and prizes worth $40,000, including $25,000 in cash, trips to New York and Los Angeles for appearances on national television, a reference library from Merriam-Webster, and a pizza party for his school. Karthik won his first spelling bee at the age of five!

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Watch Jupitar Up Close On May 8th

Title: Watch Jupiter Up Close On May 8

Source: Dogo News

By: Meera Dolasia

Article Date: May 8th, 2018

               On May 8th, you would’ve been able to see Jupiter up close. The Earth passed in between the sun and Jupiter. This means that Jupiter will rise shortly after the sun sets, and stay up all night. This will be the best time to see this huge planet. Even though Jupiter shined its brightest on May 8th, it will not reach its closest distance to Earth until May 10th. According to the experts at EarthSky, “If our planets orbits were perfect circles, then yes, we’d be closest together on the date Earth passes between Jupiter and the sun. But Earth’s orbit and Jupiter’s orbit are elliptical, like circles someone sat down on.” Jupiter’s 4 moons were also visible- Ganymede, Callisto, Europa, and Lo.

               If you look at Jupiter for a few days or hours, you notice the satellites, which look like tiny dots moving around. This event is similar to when the Earth gets in between the sun and moon, with one exception- while our satellite is in opposition every month. Jupiter only gets to this position every 13 months, so the next time this happens is on June 10th, 2019. The timing is due to the differing speeds of the two planets. It takes the Earth about 12 months to orbit the sun, while it takes Jupiter about 12 years to orbit this star.The planet’s position is not the only reason Jupiter has been making headlines lately. On May 7, NASA released a stunning five-minute video (embedded below) highlighting some of the coolest discoveries made by the Juno spacecraft when it recently flew over Jupiter’s poles. “As it turns out, Jupiter is just the first of three planetary oppositions in store for stargazers this summer. On June 27, keep your eyes peeled for Saturn and its colorful rings, and about a month later, on July 31, Mars will be visible in its full glory. According to astronomers, the Red Planet will come within 35.8 million miles from Earth — the closest it’s been in 15 years — and appear twice as bright as Jupiter! Though the best days to see the various planets is when they are in opposition, they will be visible for a few weeks before and after the events as well.” I hope that I will be able to see other planets becaus I didn’t get to see Jupiter.

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Current Event: Danger Zone

Title: Danger Zone

Source: Time For Kids

Date: March 23 2018

News Type: World

By: Emma

                    On March 7th, the Japanese volcano, Mount Shinmoedake erupted. Smoke and ash filled the sky. For a few days, ash was flying out of the volcano. Then, on March 10th, the eruptions again turned explosive. Buildings vibrated as lava poured down the mountainside.

                   There are no reports of injuries or damage from the eruptions. Officials have not ordered an evacuation, but the Japan Meteorological Agency is warning people to stay away from Mount Shinmoedake. Volcanic activity may continue for months. Major eruptions could send rocks flying as far as 2 and ½ miles from the crater.

                    The city of Kirishma sits at the foot of the volcano. Some people there are carrying an umbrella for protection from falling ash, wearing a surgical mask, or covering their nose with a towel.

                    Mount Shinmoedake sits on the southernmost of Japan’s main islands. Japan is on the ring of fire. This “ring” runs around the Pacific Ocean, along the edges of the tectonic plates that make up the Earth’s crust. Sometimes, these plates shift. Liquefied rock, called magma, squeezes through. Gas bubbles from, forcing magma out of the volcano.

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Mark and I

Me and Mark

Me and Mark are similar in some ways, and different in others. Some people think that siblings are bad and annoying, but I think that they are complicated. Mark can be so annoying that I wish I was an only child, but he can also be nice and helpful too. We are similar because we both play an instrument, we both love vanilla ice cream, and because we both love to read. We are different because Mark is more violent than I am, Mark loves to play on electronics and I don’t as much, and I like to practice piano more than Mark (Mark doesn’t even like to practice piano).

Some of the similarities we have are that we are both smart, before we started preschool and during preschool, our dad taught us how to do math by buying math books and then printing the pages so we both could do it instead of writing in the book. I used to hate doing the math book/ worksheet and Mark used to tease me and he would say “ You don’t like it because it is hard for you. “” hahahahahahahahahaha” I would say back to him, I knew that I was much smarter than him and that was mostly because I was 2 years older than him.  After that incident, my dad made my brother do extra, and then he started to complain about it. We both play the piano. We both like to eat ice cream. Our favorite flavor is vanilla. ( I also love to eat mint chocolate chip) Once, at a restaurant we always go to, for dessert they have ice cream. the flavors that they have are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, green tea and some other flavors. “ Mommy, can I have chocolate?” asked Mark.”Okay, Emma, what do you want?” my mom asked. “Vanilla please.” I said. When we got our ice cream we both took a big spoonful and then “ 1,2,…3!” We  shoved the spoonfuls of ice cream into our mouths right after I said 3! ” Can I try yours?” asked Mark. “ Sure you can “ I said, then I handed my cup to Mark and he took a spoonful of the vanilla ice cream.” this is so yummy!” Mark exclaimed as he slowly ate the vanilla ice cream. “ Mommy, can I get vanilla next time??” “ sure” said my mom. Then we slowly finished our ice cream.We both like to watch TV, we love to read. One time, me and Mark were reading on the couch together, when I read, time usually flies by. we spent over an hour reading together! Finally my dad came and yelled at us to do our Chinese homework and we barely heard him because we were reading like crazy and we didn’t want to stop, but I said “ Come on Mark, we have to do our chinese homework” and then we left together. We like the colors blue and green. We both play tennis, we are both really good at it. We are also funny and we make each other and other people laugh.


We are different because I like to practice piano and he doesn’t. I like to practice piano because it is easy for me but Mark hates to practice the piano. My dad helps him practice piano and when Mark does something wrong, sometimes my dad says is it in a little harsh voice but usually he is not yelling. Well, this is what  what Mark does when my dad tells him he does something wrong,this is what happens. “ I did that right” yells Mark, “ no, you played the wrong note!” etc, then Mark goes off and starts to cry. It is so loud that I wish I could go outside. I play the violin and Mark doesn’t. Mark is more violent than I am, Mark loves to play on electronics ( our family’s ipad, our parents phones, and he loves to watch tv) more than I do, but I think that is because all his friends have an xbox or a nintendo switch and he is just jealous. Mark is a smartypants and I am not, but that might be because I am more mature. We both like to watch TV, I will watch anything on the, but Mark doesn’t like to watch some shows Mark also likes to go onto YouTube and watch people play video games.I like some of them, but others seem a little boring. The ones I especially hate are ones that include blood! One time, Mark turned on the TV and went on to YouTube. he quickly look through the videos and chose one that included blood. “Change the video right now!!”” no” he said, so I grabbed the remote and I went off YouTube, I went to the channel where they were showing the Olympics, turned up the volume and then hid the remote where Mark would never find it.


Even though my brother Mark can be really annoying,he can also be very helpful too. Once I broke my moms favorite pen. It was pretty old and I was pressing really hard when I was writing so the tip fell off of the pen! “ Mommy’s going to kill me!!!!!!!!!!!! “ I said to myself. Soon, Mark came barging into my room yelling “ Emma, where’s mommy?” “ I don’t know, let’s go find her” I said. We found her in the kitchen baking a pizza for lunch. “ Mommy, Mark broke your favorite pen” I said very quickly and I hoped it didn’t sound like I was guilty for something. Lucky for me, Mark forgot that he didn’t break mommy’s pen because he actually broke a different pen the other day! “HALLELUJAH” I screamed/ thought to myself. I was so happy that no one realized that I actually broke the pen. I was actually happy and a little sad at the same time, the reason I was sad was because I didn’t really want to get Mark in trouble even though he is so annoying.


I realize that even though Mark is super annoying, he can be nice and helpful too. Me and Mark are similar in some ways and different in others. We are similar because we are both good at math, we love to read, and because we both love to eat vanilla ice cream. We are different because Mark is more violent than me, Mark loves to play on electronics more than me, and because I play the violin and Mark doesn’t. Even though we fight almost every day, we will always love each other and we will always look up to each other for help because we are family.


Current Event: The Kid in Charge

Current Event

Title: The Kid in Charge

Article date: March 2nd, 2018

Brian S. McGrath

News type: state

In the article The Kid In Charge Brian S. McGrath tells about how a fifth grade kid named Dom Peters, 11,  is sworn in as Oregon’s first kid governor.

Many kids have been bullied and have gotten hurt from bullies. Dom Peters wanted to stop it. So, he ran for kid governor. “ Even before running for office, Dom would step forward to stick up for people.” says his teacher, Jo Moore.

On January 8, Dom was sworn in as Oregons first kid governor. Fifth graders across the state elected him. If I was a fifth grader in Oregon, I probably have elected him because I want to stop bullying too. Dom campaigned with an anti bullying message. Kid voters liked it. “I’ve seen a lot of bullying, and I’ve been bullied,” Dom said at his first press conference. “I want to stop it.” Oregon’s kid governor program is based on a similar program in Connecticut. I hope that other states will follow and  have a kid president.

Brian Cofrancesco works for the Connecticut Public Affairs Network.

He helped launch Kid Governor in 2015. Dom will also move forward on a big campaign promise. He is starting the Super Kind Writer’s  Club. He hopes to inspire kids to share their stories about the importance of treating others with fairness and sympathy.“Sometimes, kids see problems from a different perspective than adults, and have different solutions,” he told TFK. Is the Kid Governor planning a career in politics? “I haven’t decided on that yet,” Dom says. “I’m going to see where life takes me.”

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There is a new kid governor in Oregon! Dom Peters will help people and he will make things better for Oregon. Go kids!#foxmeadowpride@TimeForKids#KidsRuleTheWorld

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Nonfiction Reading Lesson With Ms. Berger’s class and Mr. DeBerry


I learned a lot of things about how to read nonfiction. We learned most of these skills from Mr.DeBerry, he taught us very well and I understood very well what he was teaching us and I learned a lot from him.


We researched about natural disasters with another class, that class was Ms. Berger’s class. I am in Ms. Assatly’s class. The weather topics we learned about are Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Floods, Droughts, and Hurricanes. Ms. Berger’s class and our class were split into 4 groups, all the 4 groups studied 2 weather topics, we stayed with our first group for the 2nd weather topic.The people in my group were me (4-A), Victoria(4-A), Jalyn(4-A), Katie(4-A), Peter( 4-A), Matthew(4-B), Taryn(4-B), Liya(4-B), and Jack(4-B).They were very good teammates but once when we had to present our research we did it in a slideshow and some people thought that their slides were deleted on purpose and some people got in trouble!


The 2 topics that I researched were Volcanoes and Tsunamis and Earthquakes. They were both very interesting and they sometimes cause each other to happen. I realized that researching about natural disasters is very interesting. Everyone in the group is supposed to have a subtopic, you can either do the subtopic with a partner or without. My subtopic was safety and hazards, I worked with Taryn on it for both volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis. Here is a link for our slideshows on volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis

Some of the things we learned in our nonfiction reading unit were what is nonfiction, which was on of the questions we had. We learned how to identify the text structures and how a nonfiction book is organized.We learned how to take notes the proper way which is not writing in full sentences. We learned what a word bank was and it is words specific to your topic, we also learned how to summarize. We also learned that you don’t have to read cover to cover ( front to back) because in nonfiction books there are chapters and even though in fiction books there are chapters in nonfiction you don’t have to read the earlier chapters to know about the topic you are researching.


My favorite part of our nonfiction reading unit was making a slideshow so that we could present to other groups! I didn’t really like how some people on purpose or accidentally deleted other people’s slides. I have to admit, once I accidentally deleted someone’s slide but that person didn’t yell at me and they just asked me to undo what I did. My team and I worked very well together but just sometimes some things went wrong! FLIPGRID When you get to my class flipgrid, look for EH, that is mine!