Nonfiction Reading Lesson With Ms. Berger’s class and Mr. DeBerry


I learned a lot of things about how to read nonfiction. We learned most of these skills from Mr.DeBerry, he taught us very well and I understood very well what he was teaching us and I learned a lot from him.


We researched about natural disasters with another class, that class was Ms. Berger’s class. I am in Ms. Assatly’s class. The weather topics we learned about are Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis, Tornadoes, Floods, Droughts, and Hurricanes. Ms. Berger’s class and our class were split into 4 groups, all the 4 groups studied 2 weather topics, we stayed with our first group for the 2nd weather topic.The people in my group were me (4-A), Victoria(4-A), Jalyn(4-A), Katie(4-A), Peter( 4-A), Matthew(4-B), Taryn(4-B), Liya(4-B), and Jack(4-B).They were very good teammates but once when we had to present our research we did it in a slideshow and some people thought that their slides were deleted on purpose and some people got in trouble!


The 2 topics that I researched were Volcanoes and Tsunamis and Earthquakes. They were both very interesting and they sometimes cause each other to happen. I realized that researching about natural disasters is very interesting. Everyone in the group is supposed to have a subtopic, you can either do the subtopic with a partner or without. My subtopic was safety and hazards, I worked with Taryn on it for both volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis. Here is a link for our slideshows on volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis

Some of the things we learned in our nonfiction reading unit were what is nonfiction, which was on of the questions we had. We learned how to identify the text structures and how a nonfiction book is organized.We learned how to take notes the proper way which is not writing in full sentences. We learned what a word bank was and it is words specific to your topic, we also learned how to summarize. We also learned that you don’t have to read cover to cover ( front to back) because in nonfiction books there are chapters and even though in fiction books there are chapters in nonfiction you don’t have to read the earlier chapters to know about the topic you are researching.


My favorite part of our nonfiction reading unit was making a slideshow so that we could present to other groups! I didn’t really like how some people on purpose or accidentally deleted other people’s slides. I have to admit, once I accidentally deleted someone’s slide but that person didn’t yell at me and they just asked me to undo what I did. My team and I worked very well together but just sometimes some things went wrong! FLIPGRID When you get to my class flipgrid, look for EH, that is mine!

Ecosystem/ food web

                                     Rain forest Food Web

An ecosystem is when living and nonliving things interact with each other. Plants get their energy from the sun than bigger animals eat the plants to get their energy. The sun is the original source of energy in every food web! Plants are called producers because they make their own food. Some of the plants in the rainforest are: seeds, bamboo, banana trees, and orchids. Some of the consumers in the rainforest are: fruit bats, parrots, macaws, chimps, lemurs, and insects. Some of the carnivores in the rainforest are snakes and jaguars. The decomposers in the rainforest are mushrooms.If animals die it could affect the whole food web, kind of like a domino effect! Humans kill a lot of animals and some of the animals in the wild are almost extinct! I would never kill an animal in my whole life unless it is an insect!


The Important Book About Hernando De Soto

The Important Book

The most  important  thing about Hernando De Soto is that he did a lot of exploring. He was a spanish explorer. He helped to defeat the Inca empire and led the first European expedition to the Mississippi River. In 1539 to 1542 De Soto led a large Spanish expedition through southern America. He went to the new world (which is now known as America) when he was a teenager and he began exploring in the tropical rainforests of Panama. He served in expeditions to enslave Indians and search for wealth. But the most important thing about Hernando De Soto is that he did a lot of exploring.

By Emma Ha 😀 😛




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