A Long Walk To Water Reflection

In class, we read a book called A Long Walk To Water. It was one of the best books I have ever read because when our teacher was reading it to us, I was really into it. 

The part that impacted me most is when Salva met with his father after nineteen years. This is because that part of the story was a huge change for Salva since he was waiting to meet his family for so long. Another part that impacted me when a young boy saved Salva’s life. When Salva and the other boys from the refugee camp were crossing the lake, Salva was about to get shot by a soldier but a young boy saved him.

A possible message that the author (Linda Sue Park) wanted to convey is that there is always hope whenever times are tough. This is shown when Salva thought that his whole family could not be alive but when he went to Sudan, most of his family was alive and well. 

I think that there was symbolism in this book when water shot out of the ground. This symbolizes hope literally coming out of nowhere like the water that would save a lot of people.