Rube Goldberg: Decision Making

In class, we have a science project where we build a Rube Goldberg machine. Rube Goldberg is a man who made machines to accomplish simple tasks, using simple machines such as an inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever, wheel, axle, and a pulley. 


It took quite some time just coming up with an idea for our Rube Goldberg Project. I am working with two other people: Morgan and Mia. In the beginning, it was difficult for us to compromise on one simple task for our machine to do. One person wanted to make lemonade as our task, the other people in our group wanted to come up with another idea. The people that wanted to not make lemonade thought it would be too hard and complex, instead, we wanted to smash a watermelon. 


The person who wanted to make lemonade helped realize the other people in the group that it would be too hard. At last, everyone compromised on making lemonade, which is ten steps long and has four simple machines. It took us some time to make sure our task met with the expectations. To meet the expectations we had to have eight steps and three simple machines, to exceed we have to have at least nine steps and at least four simple machines.


Our simple task will have a marble hit a few dominoes which will hit a ball to go down a ramp. Then the ball should go on a lever and hit another big ball which will go down a wedge. A ball will go down another wedge to hit a water bottle connected to a string with a packet of lemonade powder on the other side. Hopefully, the powder will pour into the pitcher than all you have to do is mix.