Stargirl So Far

“Stargirl” is a book written by Jerri Spinelli. The narrator is called Leo and his best friend is Kevin. They both run a show called “Hot Seat,” where they interview people and majority of the people watch it in their school. Most of the time nothing new happens to their school only here and there. Change is unusual to them, just like when you want to fit in with the rest of the people. Stargirl is a new girl in their school. I like her character because she is brave, clever and does not care what others think which is what some people are afraid from doing.

For instance, when it is Hillary’s birthday, the day before Hillary tells Stargirl to not sing Happy Birthday in front of her. The next day Stargirl goes to Leo and sings Happy Birthday but in front of Leo saying Hillar, very clever, isn’t it? Another example of this is, when Leo follows Stargirl, Stargirl knows that someone is following her. Also, on the first day of 11th grade Stargirl just strums her ukele and does not care about what others are doing: staring at her and gawking. This shows how Stargirl is brave, clever and does not care what others think.

Only One You- Book Response

Everyday you think of, remind yourself that there is only one you and will always be that way.The book One Only You by Linda Kranz  reminds me of the song Heal The World written by Michael Jackson. A conformist means that you do whatever anyone else is doing. On the other hand, it can be a good thing as people can help you to stop you doing the bad thing. A non-comformist is a person that follows their own path which sometimes can be the wrong thing.This books mean to me that you follow your heart and your own path but that does not mean you go off and do the wrong thing. Just because other people go one way does not mean you must follow them. Always do what you truly want and always do the right thing. Always do what you thing is right.


There is only one you, always.

Relax and reflect, everyday you can.

Follow your own path, with art.