A Long Walk To Water Reflection

In class, we read a book called A Long Walk To Water. It was one of the best books I have ever read because when our teacher was reading it to us, I was really into it. 

The part that impacted me most is when Salva met with his father after nineteen years. This is because that part of the story was a huge change for Salva since he was waiting to meet his family for so long. Another part that impacted me when a young boy saved Salva’s life. When Salva and the other boys from the refugee camp were crossing the lake, Salva was about to get shot by a soldier but a young boy saved him.

A possible message that the author (Linda Sue Park) wanted to convey is that there is always hope whenever times are tough. This is shown when Salva thought that his whole family could not be alive but when he went to Sudan, most of his family was alive and well. 

I think that there was symbolism in this book when water shot out of the ground. This symbolizes hope literally coming out of nowhere like the water that would save a lot of people. 

One Valuable Estimation Jar

23 children. One jar of candy. Estimating the amount. But only 14 days. At Heathcote Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY, it was only fourteen days away from Halloween! Down in the fifth grade wing, in Mrs Cooper’s classroom, she was introducing the estimation jar. Whoever estimated the exact amount of candy or the closest amount, won the whole jar. In maths, the class was learning how to estimate, so this was great timing and really fun. All of the students of Mrs Cooper’s class, participated in the exciting event. According to Morgan Greco, a student of Mrs Cooper, “I think that it was very fun and I would love to do it again for another holiday.” Kaitlyn Shedroff, also a student of Mrs Cooper, won the estimation jar!

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Soaring Rockets

Rockets. They are flying into the clear sky. People are screaming. Nosecones getting stuck into the ground. On the morning of October 17th 2019, students from 5Cooper and their parents gathered to see the launches. Everyone came together in the field of Heathcote Elementary School, Scarsdale, NY. The students did this because they were learning about rockets and wanted to see what their own creations would turn out like. Everyone was broken up into groups and came up with group names: The 4 Rocketeers, Flying Saucers, The 3 Musketeers, The Astros, Shooting Stars, and the Astro Rockets.


Just like real engineers, they did not go straight into building a rocket. First, they made an inspiration board to be inspired by other successful rockets. A week later, they designed their rockets and gathered materials. Then, they built their rockets. Every group’s rocket shot to the sky so high. According to Morgan Greco a member of a rocketry group called The Flying Saucers, “It was a great experience because we worked with people we would not usually work with. It was exciting to see how high our rockets went.”


Deforestation is cutting down trees in a forest or elsewhere, which is something a lot of humans do to create fire to make themselves warm or to roast animals and to build shelter when needed. If we carry on to do this, we will have no more wood to do the more important things. Deforestation causes severe damage to us and the wild life. If you look at a forest now, all you see is lovely trees and when you look at it in a long time from now it may be empty if we carry on like this. Chopping down trees is like killing a person which is sort of as we need trees to survive because they give us oxygen. Trees are cut down to be used for building or sold as fuel. The size of a football itch is cleared from the Amazon Rainforest every minute. As a result of deforestation, 6.2 million square kilometers is left of the original 16 million square kilometers of forest covered the Earth. Deforestation may cause extinction to many animal species or add to the rapid rate at which our climate is changing.