Colonial America – pt 2 – persona

My name is Eshal Rockwood, I am 20 years old right now. My job is being a doctor, I became a doctor because I kept getting hit so I had to heal myself. My backstory is when I was 10 years old I snuck away on a ship from England to Brazil. I found my aunt and uncle’s house, even though it was better than starting out on the streets, I didn’t really like my stay with my aunt and uncle. Everyday I got hit if I woke up late or accidentally washed the dishes instead of washing the clothes by hand! The only thing I was looking forward to was when I was old enough to live on my own. That was too long of a way away so when I was 15 I snuck on The Crown III which is a ship to the New England colonies where I met some other people to start a new colony! I was at huge risk because I did not pay for it and every now and then there would be a guard walking up and down the ship. I think I have brought a huge success to my colony called Rockwood by making sure everyone is as healthy as they can be. It would have been really hard without a doctor or an other job in fact. Being a docotor is a little bit hard because some of the patients are really not that nice and I have to be in my doctors office by 4 a.m. In the morning, if I am late, I have to think of some sort of excuse to the governor which sometimes can be in a bad mood.


Deforestation is cutting down trees in a forest or elsewhere, which is something a lot of humans do to create fire to make themselves warm or to roast animals and to build shelter when needed. If we carry on to do this, we will have no more wood to do the more important things. Deforestation causes severe damage to us and the wild life. If you look at a forest now, all you see is lovely trees and when you look at it in a long time from now it may be empty if we carry on like this. Chopping down trees is like killing a person which is sort of as we need trees to survive because they give us oxygen. Trees are cut down to be used for building or sold as fuel. The size of a football itch is cleared from the Amazon Rainforest every minute. As a result of deforestation, 6.2 million square kilometers is left of the original 16 million square kilometers of forest covered the Earth. Deforestation may cause extinction to many animal species or add to the rapid rate at which our climate is changing.

Only One You- Book Response

Everyday you think of, remind yourself that there is only one you and will always be that way.The book One Only You by Linda Kranz  reminds me of the song Heal The World written by Michael Jackson. A conformist means that you do whatever anyone else is doing. On the other hand, it can be a good thing as people can help you to stop you doing the bad thing. A non-comformist is a person that follows their own path which sometimes can be the wrong thing.This books mean to me that you follow your heart and your own path but that does not mean you go off and do the wrong thing. Just because other people go one way does not mean you must follow them. Always do what you truly want and always do the right thing. Always do what you thing is right.


There is only one you, always.

Relax and reflect, everyday you can.

Follow your own path, with art.

Liv and Maddie

One usual night, I was just sitting around and searching my tablet to find something interested. I searched and I searched feeling bored. A part of me was saying just shut my tablet and go do something that is more entertaining. All of a sudden, I just remembered something, one of my friends at school told me to watch a certain type of movie……

Liv and Maddie! I searched my tablet for that specific movie like my life depended on it. Just saying, I love watching my tablet and movies and practically anything I can do on my tablet. I was breathing so deeply that everyone in the room was staring at me and making faces. I started saying to myself this show is probably not even on netflix. It was like a bright light showed, I saw Liv and Maddie on Netflix.