Last week on Friday, my class and our computer teacher did Breakout EDU. We only had 45 minutes and  WE went across the hall from out classroom and then our computer teacher taught us how to play.

First we had to look all over the room for hints to find the codes for the for locks. The locks were on a box filled with candy. We looked under tables, behind posters, we even had to use a lack flashlight to find writing with invisible in on papers. The way we unlocked the fist lock was we had to change numbers into letters by what number the letter was in the alphabet. The word was glue so we all looked for a glue stick and once we found thee glue stick we found a little key to one of the locks. Then we unlocked the second lock. The third lock we had to use a black flashlight. There were five pieces of paper and in invisible ink and on each piece of paper there was a different letter. H U R S B. So we made a word out of that and we got brush. We picked a name of a cup so that we wouldn’t argue on who does it. The person who got picked picked a lock and put BRUSH. That’s how we got our third lock off. Eventually we got the third and fourth lock off.

When we unlocked the fifth lock we only had about ten minutes left. Charlotte had a great idea, but everybody was talking over her Her idea was to shine the black flashlight on pieces of paper that had numbers on them. When she put the light on the paper it said the order the numbers would go in. So on e them said first, another one said second, and so on. So once we made the number, we decided Charlotte would do the last lock because she thought of the idea.

I learned that for this activity you really have to work together and communicate. Bye!


  1. Emma,
    I think your blog was very good. I love how you said when you were doing it, who you were doing it with, and what it was.


  2. Dear Emma,
    You did an amazing job on your blog. I liked how you added a link to Breakout EDU. It sounds like a really interesting game. I loved how you included details from the actual game to help me understand how the game works. What does “lack flashlight” mean?

    From Sophia

  3. Dear Emma,
    WOW! I really like your post breakout .I like the way you described how you found the keys and opened the locks.I would like to know if you worked in teams? It sounds like you had a lot of fun during breakout.It looks like breakout was a scavenger hunt,was it?I think breakout sounds really fun. I’m in fourth grade now and I hope I get to do breakout too!!I would like to know if breakout was something learning or just for fun? I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    From Zoe

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