Unique Octopuses!!!

There are so many different types of octopus. They all can do different unique things. Some are the mimic octopus, the algae octopus, the hairy octopus, and the coconut octopus.

The coconut octopus gets its name from its habit of hiding in empty coconut shells. It doesn’t have to hide in a coconut shell, any big shell will do, even a conch. This octopuses body is about the size of your thumb and its arms are three times the length its body. When the octopus slides over the sand it turns a shade of dark gray.The octopus slides several of its arms over the sand. Then the octopus flips the shell back over and slides right back under the shell.

The algae octopus is able to make it self look like a piece of seaweed. The hairy octopus makes it self look fuzy and soft. When these octopus are on the floor and stay still, they are invisible

The mimic octopus is very good at changing shape. It can make it self look like a jelly fish by spreading its arms out. It can also bunch its arms together to make it look like a Lionfish, or it can stretch itself out to make it look like a sea snake.

Octopus have about 500 million neurons, which is a lot more than the pond snail, lobsters, a jumping spider, and more. Octopuses have no bones which helps them get in to small spaces. When octopuses see danger they squirt black ink and quickly go they other way. All octopuses are different and unique.




  1. Wow! Great post, Emma! You really organized your writing well and I love the attached pictures. Nice work!

  2. Hi Emma,

    Your post was very informational. I liked how you added a lot of details about the octopuses. I had so much fun learning about the unique octopuses. I think octopuses are so cool and I like how you also added information about all octopuses, not just the ones you included in your post. My favorite octopus that you included is the coconut octopus. What is yours?

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