Story Cubes

Once upon a time there was a rich man who loved listening to music. He was always very mad. He took pills to make him happy again but he became too happy and exploded. When he came back to life he landed in Egypt at midnight. Once he was in Egypt, he started to cry so he threw a ball up in the air and it made him feel a little bit better. The wanted to get back to his mansion so he took a job as a weightlifter. After he had enough money he bought an iPhone and called his servant. His servant came to pick him up in a parashoot. And he lived a normal life.


Story Cube Actions

Once upon a time there were 2 girls.They were best friends. They agreed on everything. One of the girls loved listening to tiktoks and the other love dancing to tiktoks. One day one of the girls were thinking if Charli D’amelio would pop out of a present because it was almost christmas. She was listening to a present to hear if Charli D’amelio was in one of them. She knew that there were no people in the presents and she was really sad. So then she went to get her power drink because she thought a bad guy would break into her house. She was right, a robber broke into her house. She couldn’t fight so she called Charli D’amelio and the bad guy was gone. 

Maglev #2

The improvements we made to our system were layering the strip magnets on the track so the train would levitate higher. We put the strip magnets on the train on both sides of the styrofoam so it would align with the track. We used 6 strip magnets on the track and 2 strip magnets on the train.


One problem my group faced was the magnets on the train were attracting to the side of the track and that means the train will not levitate. Those magnets were disc magnets attracting to the side of strip magnets so my group put strip magnets on top of strip magnets and then it was levitating.


For our final design we put 2 strip magnets on the train and they were on the edges of the styrofoam and for the track we did the same thing as the train.


One thought I had in my head was when are we going to succeed because we were building the maglev train from scratch and we have never built maglev trains before. 

Maglev #1

In science we have been learning about maglev trains. We are also going to build maglev trains with our science groups. A maglev train is a train that moves with magnets. My groups idea for the track is to get strip magnets and place them in 2 lines and put disc magnets on top of the strip magnets. Our idea for the train is getting smaller strip magnets and stacking disc magnets on top of the strip magnets.


Today my group did not get any ideas that worked and every one of our ideas attracted to the track and maglev trains have to repel to the magnets on the track. We also tried flipping the magnets on the train to repel to the track but the magnets on the train flipped back over to the attracting side and that did not work.


My experience with my group was good and we agreed on most of the ideas. A lot of people took turns trying new ideas but sadly none of them worked. The challenges that my group had was people were starting to get frustrated because nothing was working. What worked well with my group was documenting with seesaw because we were documenting a lot and we got a lot of things on seesaw. 

Joe Schmo And The Unicorn

On July 30 2011 Joe Schmo was born. Joe’s parents names are Mary Schmo and Dave Schmo. The Schmos live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Joe had 2 pets. One of them was a cow named Oinky that went oink and a pig named Coward that went moo. Joe loved unicorns. His dream was to find a unicorn. Then one day Joe asked his dad if he could go to unicorn forest and his dad said yes! Joe was so excited to go to the forest. The next day when Joe woke up he was ready to go to the unicorn forest. He brought a lot of candy as bait for the unicorn. Joe’s dad said if Joe finds a unicorn Joe can bring it home! Joe put all the candy on a rock and by 10:00 he saw a unicorn! Joe was so excited he was jumping up and down. As soon as the unicorn saw Joe the unicorn ran to Joe and Joe said “ I’m going to name you Uni! Joe brought Uni home and Joe showed everyone his new pet unicorn!

Story Cubes

Once upon a time there was an eyeball that fell out a man because a monster squished his eyeball out. But the man was still happy because he was reading a book. It was 7:15 and he was still reading the book. But then he saw a shooting star and wished to have is eyeball back. Then he saw another man with no eye and said find a shooting star and the man did and he got his eye back.