Capstone Thoughts

Capstone is pretty fun, with the deadline it’s a little pressurizing. Its not hard but its not that easy. The proposal was due today and the research is due tomorrow. Monday we start writing. I am doing a TED talk for my presentation. I look forward for when we present or Capstone

The Return Of Bob the GPGP

    Bob: I’m BACK. Ready to devour the world’s oceans- I mean…err enjoy…your company my friends. Now let me introduce my son-

    Trashin: YO YO YO.Zat’s moi.


    Trashin: Yes pops

    BOB: Anyway my son is the next…wait for it… SON YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO FINISH MY SENTENCE!!!!!

    Trashin:(stops texting) Oh yeah I will be the next…PGEX

    BOB: (smacks forehead)(whispers) Why do I have a son like you😠

    Trashin: (continues texting)beep boop beep boop

    BOB: SON!

    Trashin: Oh yeah till next time🔜🔜

    (Bob and Trashin argue)
    Blah Blah too much phone time Blah…oh there still here


Look at this video about Ferdinand Magellan .It is a mix of learning and laughter.

Hello World!!! draft.

Hi my name is Bob the Great Pacific Garbage Patch(GPGP). I am made out of trash and litter. I am two times the size of Texas and three times the size of France. I am greedy, selfish, and gluttonous.I LOVE eating. I will take up the whole ocean and theirs nothing you can do about it so, say goodbye to your sushi. I am the Teenage Mutant TRASH dunnanana… Anyhoo I love polluting water. GO DIRTY WATER…GO DIRTY WATER…OH YEAH. I would like to thank my dear friends, THE LITTERERS. I CURSE the day THE (ahem)…CLEANERS were ever born. See you on the beach, if there is any left. Mwa hahahaha. Oh no I gave away my secret plan.

My Trip to London.United Kingdom(UK)

For Winter break I went to London. I had fish and chips there and I even celebrated my birthday there, I will make a post about that. Once in Piccadilly Circus, my family and I went to a fish and chips shop. My hands were oily so I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. I did not know that there were 2 doors to get out. So I got lost because I went out the wrong door luckily i found my parents.

My Trip To Orlando, Florida

I went to Florida over the weekend. I went to Disney World and Universal Studios. There were so many good  rides. There was Space Mountain in Disney World and Transformers in Universal Studios. Their was  a wonderful light show in Disney World. You should go there sometime.

Writing Prompt/Falling Bird

There are 4 birds on a  tree,singing and chirping .Oops! One blue bird falls. The only thing preventing him from falling are his hands. “Pick him up, pick him up!!!” The birds chirp.They try and try to pick him up. ” Oh no he’s slipping!!!” The birds yell. Slowly they lift up the bird. “Yaaayyy” The birds sing and chirp in delight. The birds party all night.”Turn off those party lights.” Their neighbor the owl said. But the birds did not stop. So the owl joined the party!!!

About Me!!!

Hi! My name is Esha.  My favorite sports are soccer and gymnastics. My favorite colors are pink, black, and green. I hope you enjoy my site.