Capstone Final #7

We finally finished. We presented and were done. I worked very hard for it and now I have done it. On Tuesday 6/19 we presented our capstone presentation to our families. We all did a great job. I wasn’t very nervous because I knew that I knew my topic and my parents all the other kid’s parents aren’t […]

Practicing for Capstone #6

For Capstone, you need to present a slideshow about your topic. For presenting you can do a slideshow or an ignite. And ignite is where the slide changes by itself every fifteen seconds. A Ted Talk is where you change the slide by yourself and it is not timed. I chose a Ted Talk because I didn’t […]

Capstone Essay #5

As you may know, for Capstone to answer our main inquiry question we have to write an essay. I choose to have 3 reasons and 3 examples for each. For me writing the Essay has been the hardest part of capstone because while you are writing the essay you still have to think about your final presentation […]

Capstone #4

You may know that when doing Capstone you have to do a site visit for your project. I had a lot of trouble finding a place that I could go because most of the Barbie places to go are in Miami or L.A. I decided that I had to get creative. I thought of what […]

Capstone #3

So you may know for Capstone I have chosen to do Barbie and Feminism. As you also may know one of the requirements for Capstone is to have an interview with an expert on your topic. When I was finding my interview I had a lot of trouble because the first people that I contacted did not respond. […]

Ellis Island trip

Today we went to Ellis Island. In class we have been working on immigration to the U.S. and the immigrants had to go through Ellis Island. I was very interesting to actually see Ellis Island. We left for Ellis Island at 7:00. We took a bus that took around 1:35 minutes to Ellis Island. We […]

Where I’m from

This week at school is the Art and Poetry festival. What this is, is for a week in April you have poems hanging up on the walls and some kids get to play music and Mrs. Cameron makes art and hangs it up. Each student makes a poem. Mostly every class in the grade does […]

Choosing My Capstone topic (#1)

A few days ago we started a project called Capstone. At Heathcote, the fifth graders have been doing this project for many years. Every year students look forward to doing Capstone. Some people start thinking about their topic in the middle of the year even though the project only starts at the end of the year. Capstone is […]