Coding 4

I have seen other people make these games and I was really into it. The game I made is called a platformer. In a platformer you need to move the character above obstacles and the goal is to get to the end of the level. I had fun playing this game so I think that you will have fun playing too. Use the arrow keys to move. Enjoy!! 🙂

Coding 3

This project was really fun to make because I was randomly Thinking of Christmas so I decided to make a Christmas pong game. It is really fun and great for holiday fun!! 🙂

Ignite : How sports how affected kids lives

When I was doing my Ignite I was really nervous. I stuttered a bit at the start but then I got through to my reasons.

  1. Sports teach kids that hard work equals succsess
  2. Sports are a great excersise
  3. Sports provide another thing to do besides video games
  4. Sports create friendships
  5. Sports are so fun

I learned that speaking in front of people is really not that all bad.



I thought my group did a pretty good job on our debate. We weren’t that prepared because we did not have much time to practice. Giana was sick for half of the week. Luckily for us we remembered what we had done from last week so we did a good job. Everyone was pretty nervous at the start ut than we became comfortable and we had a strong debate. Some people could have spoken louder but its fine. We thought we gave really good evidence because we both shared a video of why we have to either save the humans or to save the shark. We thought we did very well and we all had fun.

Rube goldberg 6

After we had our successful attempt we realized that we needed to get a better video. Then Sam and I began to keep trying to get another success. We thought we would get better filming because we wouldn’t be so ecstatic that our thing was working.  After 11 tries we got it to work. Then we started to work on our we video. That was the end of our meeting. Her is a video.

Rube Goldberg 5

Sam and I are continuing to test our rube Goldberg machine. We were annoyed because we hoped it would work quicker. We kept on trying and we got some close attempts. We wanted to get it we wanted it bad. I knew my dad would be coming at 8:30 so we had to go quick.  then, my dad showed up he told Sam and I that we would get one more attempt for today. This is what happened.

Rube Goldberg 4

Sam and I met again and we were going to start to try to get our machine to work. We had three hours to do it and we didn’t have high expectations because it took Sam’s sister 101 tries. We set the project up and we got ready to start filming. We tried 9 times and we started to get really frustrated because we thought it might go faster. After the end of our time we had only got the machine to go halfway. We were disappointed because it didn’t work but we knew we could do it on Friday

. Here is our best go