Once upon a time there was a pig named Albert. He lived in the Donaldson’s farm. Albert would get very muddy every day so he had to wash off in the hay. Mr and Mrs Donaldson had a very strict rule of no pigs in the house. But one day Albert smelled the most wonderful smell in the whole wide world. He peeked through the window and saw a delicious apple pie. Meanwhile, the Donaldson’s were sitting at the table eating the pie. Albert was thinking of a way to get a piece of the pie, but all of a sudden, POOF! A great idea popped into his head. He would wait until the Donaldson’s were asleep and after they were asleep he would sneak into the refrigerator and bite into the pie. That night he went to the Donaldson’s house and went inside. He found the pie and took a bite. Then Mr Donaldson took Albert to his room. They slept together and in the morning the Donaldson’s were calling him Oink-Bert. They cleaned him shiny. Then in the pen he was a celebrity. All the girls liked him. Then he said , “ONKA-DOODEL-DOO!” And that is the story of Oink-Bert the pig.