5th Grade Reflection

5th grade has been really fun so far. We have been doing activities I never thought we would ever do like launching rockets. It was so fun because I felt like I was a real engineer. I feel like I’m getting pushed to the limets with my essays which is good. I think I am getting ready for middle school. I am also really psyched for Rube Goldberg because I love to build cool things.

Rocketry Presentations

When I walked into the computer lab I was really nervous because I had never shared I presentation in front of my parents and I knew they wanted to hear me speak because they had never seen me speak in a presentation before. When I spoak I have something stuck in my throat but I kept speaking and when I was done I finally got to clear my throat I was redy for my other slides. I think that my three reflections went well but then I had to do the final slide in the presentation. I explained about everything on the unit and I think that people liked it. I felt really, really proud.