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Rube Goldberg Post 1

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After Sam and I met for the first time we felt like we had done a lot more than wwe expected. Our first step was not what was supposed to happen. We wanted water to go in the bucket and pour the water out into another thing. What really happened was thatr there was to much weight in the bucket so the rope went off the tape and the bucket flew into the shower door. Sam and I then realized that we could see if that will keep happening and it did keep happening so we decided to start off our Rube Goldberg machine like that. We noticed that when the bucket hit the door the door moved so we put some olsd video game containers and lined them up like dominoes  we tryed the whole thing from the start and sure enough it worked. Then we had a really good idea we took Anki overdrive tracks and put them around for the car to go on. We were going to have the video games hit the car but the games were too big so we used dominoes before the Anki overdrive. This was our progress after day one. Check out the video to see how we though we did!

P.S. Sorry for bad filming

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