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Rube Goldberg Post 2

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Sam and I’s second experience with Rube Goldberg is when we had to figure out what to do after the Anki overdrive goes through the track. Sam and I had to deal with many, many fails before we found the right thing to do after the Anki overdrive. Our first idea was to have the car hit a toilet paper roll which hit some dominoes but we had a problem we wanted to make the machine go on the table where everything would be easier. That idea didn’t work because we couldn’t get the height to get on the table. Our second idea was to have the car hit the toilet paper roll which hit a domino. This time we made a stairway out of magnetiles we both thought that this idea would work but then we realized we had a problem there weren’t enough magnetiles to reach the top of the table another problem was that the dominoes wouldn’t all hit each other. Our third idea was to ditch the idea of getting it on the table we made marbles go through tubes and to hit more dominoes but we wanted more than that. Then we finally had a brilliant idea. We had the car hit a pool ball which hit the button on the controller for wobotto, a robot. The robot was on the table and that is how we got our machine off the ground. Watch this funny video of us failing!

🙂 Try not to laugh!!!!!!!

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