Coding #2

This project was really fun to make because I made it multiplayer. When I first started to make the project I knew a normal catch game wouldn’t be enough, I wanted more. I knew just making game single player would be boring. It is not hard to make a multiplayer game. You just need to duplicate the sprite and fix some controls, then BAM! You have your multiplayer catch game. The whole process was really fun and I hope to make more multiplayer games.



I thought my group did a pretty good job on our debate. We weren’t that prepared because we did not have much time to practice. Giana was sick for half of the week. Luckily for us we remembered what we had done from last week so we did a good job. Everyone was pretty nervous at the start ut than we became comfortable and we had a strong debate. Some people could have spoken louder but its fine. We thought we gave really good evidence because we both shared a video of why we have to either save the humans or to save the shark. We thought we did very well and we all had fun.

Coding #1

`At the start of February Ms. Edwards gave us an assignment to make four scratch projects. This is my first one. When I was making this project I wanted to make a savage scratch project. I didn’t know what to start with so it turns into a pretty funny and weird project. To start the savage madness click space.


WARNING : You will go crazy if you watch this for too long. Have fun 🙂