Coding 3

This project was really fun to make because I was randomly Thinking of Christmas so I decided to make a Christmas pong game. I thought a normal pong game would be too boring so I decided top make it multiplayer. The goal of the game is to keep the presents off of the red. The first player to 10 hits wins. You play by Using the right and left arrow keys and using the a and d key. It is really fun and great for holiday fun!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Coding 3

  1. I thought this game was really creative. I like how you thought out of the box and didn’t just do a regular ping pong ball you used a Christmas tree and presents. I also like how you explained and how to play and the goal of the game. I had a really fun time playing this game. Great Job!

  2. This game was my favorite so far! It was creative, fun and well thought out. This a detailed blog. Awesome Job!

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