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Where I’m From

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When Ms. Edwards said that our poems we would write for poetry month would be called “Where I’m from” poems I instantly thought we would talk about the simple things in your life like, where you live, and how many family members do you have. I was wrong She explained to us how for the where I’m from poems you need to write about where your really from like the things in your life. I didn’t really know what to think of where I’m from poems, but I thought I would have to dig way down deep in to me. Luckily Ms. Edwards gave us an organizer to help us figure out what will will write about and to make our poem better. After our first draft was due for our poem we got to give our poem to other classmates so that they could read and tell me things that I did bad and good in for my poem. After a few more days of editing the process was over. I had my poem! From this experience I learned how to really dig down into yourself.


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