My 5th grade class went to a restaurant called¬†Pollo a la Brasa Misti Restaurant.¬†The food was super duper good and if I could I would definitely go again. Senor Johnson organized the trip, he taught us loads of Spanish before the trip. I feel like I could go to a Spanish speaking country and talk with everyone. The restaurant was a Peruvian restaurant, that means the food that is cooked their is cultured from Peru. My favorite dish that was served was the Lomo Saltado because there was steak, rice, and french fries in the dish and those are all some of my favorite foods so when they were all combined it tasted liked like heaven. We were also served a drink called Chicha Morada, I did not like it. I was too bitter for me and I just stuck with water. It was was cool because all of the the waiters and waitress’s spoke Spanish so we spoke to them in Spanish too. It was so fun. Overall the whole trip was a blast. A special thanks to the PTA and Senor Johnson for making the trip possible.