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Ellis Island Trip


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Our class went on a field trip to Ellis island. Ellis island is a place where immigrants from Europe would be sent through around 1900.  Its history is incredible and we were lucky enough to be able to go there. The whole trip was inspired by our immigration unit that we had done earlier in the year. My whole class already knew a lot about immigration and the Ellis Island process but we were still psyched to actually go there. The trip took one whole day and here is my experience on it.

We all had to be at our school’s front circle at 7am. I was not happy with this because then you have to wake up early so that you won’t be late. When everyone arrived at the buses, Ms. Edwards split us into groups with a chaperone. When we got on the buses we were all starting to settle down because we were all going to have to be on the bus for an hour and a half. Then when we finally got the the dock where we would board the ferry, we were all told to stick next to our chaperones at all times so that we would not get lost. Then our chaperone gave us our ticket as we went through the security checks. After that we waited for the ferry to come that would take us to the island. When we got on the ferry someone said that the ride would be about 15 minuets. The I thought, oh that not that bad. I was starting to feel a little sick on the boat since we were sitting on the top of the boat. Then we finally made to Ellis Island. A few more minuets and I would have vomited. Then we we got off I heard someone say,” The boat ride back will be 45 minuets.” I was nervous. Then we had a little snack and talked. After that we walked into Ellis Island and a man was there to give us a tour. Then he walked all around and talked about Ellis Island. When the tour was over WE got to explore with our chaperone, it was a museum. Then we watched a movie about Ellis Island, It was really cool. The we sat and had lunch right next to the water. After that we had to try to find one of our relatives that had traveled through Ellis Island. I found my Great Grandparents! Then it was time to head back. Then somehow we missed the ferry that would take us back, but some kids and there chaperone were on that boat. Then we boarded the next boat and we didn’t sit on the top and I felt fine. Then we took the bus back home and that was It.

Overall this trip was really cool and entertaining. I would definitely go back with my family one time. This Trip was really special to us fifth graders because the is the last field trip that we will have in elementary school.

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  1. wmishra25

    I like your blog post. It is really long but enjoyable to read. I like how you said why we took the field trip to Elis Island.

  2. mmeyerson25

    I liked your blog post a lot. You relly excplained the whole experience from begginning to end.
    NICE JOB:)


  3. kblumenfeld25

    I like how you explained what you do at Ellis Island. I like how you explained what we did in chronological order but you also explained your feelings like you weren’t happy to wake up early ect. I like how you said your feelings overall.

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