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Capstone 3 (Interview)


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For our Capstone project we all had to find someone to interview so that we could get more information from an expert. For a lot of people finding an interview was very hard, but for me it was quite simple because the second I told my mom that I wanted to do Sitcom production as my topic, she said that she knew someone from college who produced TV shows. It was perfect.  As my interview grew closer, Ms. Edwards said that we needed to come up with interview questions. Interview questions! I thought that we would just ask him our sub questions. Then I started to make my 10 interview questions. On the day before my interview, Ms. Edwards said that you should record your interview. I didn’t know what I would record my interview on. All of the laptops and computers in my house don’t have cameras, so that didn’t work, and when I tried to use a screen recorder on the my phone, the Microphone didn’t work. After many struggles I finally came up with a solution, I would talk to the person I was interviewing on my home phone, and record everything with my cell phone. On the day of the interview I was nervous because I thought that the recording might not work. Then I would get no information and have to find another time to do the interview and that is hard because the person that I was interviewing is always very busy. Then finally, the interview started. When the Interview was done. I quickly made sure that the recording worked. I was so scared would it work or would it not work. Luckily the recording worked an I got loads of information. Overall the whole interview helped my project a lot and I am thankful the the person I was interviewing was using his time to help me with my project.

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  1. ahameed25

    This blog post is really good. You explained everything very well for example you said we need to do a interview then write interview questions and then explain the bad things that you had to face. And there was not any grammar mistakes I can find. And good job making the c not lower case.

  2. kkattan25

    I liked this blog and you added a pretty good amount of detail. Your interview was very interesting and sounded like fun! Awesome job!

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