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Capstone 4 (Site visit)


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For the Capstone project we had to visit a place that was related to our topic. After the Interview I did, the person I interviewed set me up to go to a place in New York City where they were filming a show. I was really excited to visit the place where a real TV show is being filmed because I had never done anything like that ever. I knew that I would eventually have my site visit but I wasn’t exactly sure when I would have it. Then after many text messages and emails my mom and figured out that we would visit the set on May 29th. I got really lucky because May 29th is my birthday and I get to skip school on my birthday. Finally the day of the site visit came and my mom and I drove down to the city. When we got there we met up with Kaylani who was going to show us around the set. First she showed me the vans that the actors stay in while they wait for them to be called to be filmed. Then after that she showed me inside and she explained that we had to be quiet when someone screamed action because that meant that a scene was being shot. I got to see a really scene that will show up on TV. It was so cool. Then after that Kaylani peeked into one of the vans and out came the lead actor came out!! I was so surprised when Case Walker came out,  He has 3 Million followers on musically. He was so nice. When he walked out, he gave me a man hug and then started chatting with me, It was so cool!! After my talk with Case Walker, it was time for us to go home. Overall I had a absolute blast and it would be awesome to do something like that again. Here is a link about the show I saw them film. The Other Two. : 


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