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Capstone 6 (Final Presentation)

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The next step in the Capstone process was making our presentation. To start off the making off my presentation I had to create a Google slideshow. After that I had to decide if I wanted to do a TED talk or if I would do an Ignite. At first I wanted to do an Ignite because I had already done an ignite so I had experience. Then I realized that when I did my Ignite I was really stressed out when the slide would switch to the next slide before I was ready. Then I decided I would do a TED talk because you have as much time as you want and need for each slide. I knew that I would need more writing if I was to do a TED talk but I was willing to do anything that would make my project the best it could be.  After deciding that I would do a TED talk I had to make my script. When making my script I realized that I needed to involve answering my Main inquiry question and Sub questions. I took most of my script from my essay and made it sound more conversational so that the audience would be intrigued. After making my script I had to memorize my script. Memorizing my script was not that hard because I do some plays so I know how to memorize things quickly. After I memorized my script I was done. Time to present!!!!!


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