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Colonial America Book Reflection

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Writing my Colonial America Book was a fun experience. We started to research about Colonial America and learned a little bit about the topic. We had really fun day called Colonial Day where we got to experience living in Colonial Times. After the break we really started to research about Colonial America. We had a choice of the topic we could do. I chose Famous colonial leaders because there were some pretty cool leaders in colonial times.

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I started to research on my topic and learned a lot. I researched on so many leaders that I didn’t know which ones to pick. That was the hardest part for me. After doing tons of research on Famous Leaders I started a first draft on my topic. It took me a while to finish my first draft. Once I finally finished my first draft I did a draft on Google Docs. Once I finished that I went on to do my story on Google Slides. I added pictures that connected with my topic. I added a glossary and bibliography. Finally I added transitions. The last step I did was putting my book on this blog.

Don’t forget to read my awesome book!

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