My teacher Ms. Edwards announced a project to us called “Capstone.” Apparently this is the most important project in the 5th grade. She explained to us that for the rest of the year we will be doing Capstone. I was surprised; I thought that Capstone would only last something like 3 weeks but I was wrong. Then Ms. Edwards handed us out a calendar of all of the due dates along with all of the requirements. I knew we would have to do a lot to make this project good including to visiting the site of the location for the topic we would chose and getting a interview with an expert on your topic. Ms. Edwards then told us that we had to actually pick a topic we would be researching on. I had no clue what to chose.

What could I chose? At first I thought, I know so much about sports, why don’t I just do something I know so much about. Then I realized that Ms. Edwards had told us to do something that we didn’t know that much about. Then it came to me. Acting. I got pretty ticked when I realized that acting would be too broad of a topic. I thought really thought the rest of that day. Finally when the final bell was about to ring it came to me for real. Instead of acting I could go behind the scenes and and have my project on TV production. It was perfect. I ran home that day and told my mom about my my Capstone idea, she told me that she knew someone who was a producer. Everything was set, I had my project ready for Ms. Edwards’s approval.

When I went into school a few days later I realized that today was the day I would meet with Ms.Edwards. Later in the day Ms. Edwards called me over to her desk to discuss what topic I would chose. I told her that I wanted to do TV production. She showed me a video about TV production and I said I was interested. Then she told me that my topic was fine and she let me off. Next step. Main inquiry question.

Bye!! 🙂