Window and Mirrors

What does it mean when we say that books are windows and mirrors? Take a moment and share what you think this means and why it is important.

In your response, try to incorporate our recent read alouds and how they connect to this idea of books being windows and mirrors. Recent Read Alouds to consider: Home of the Brave, Fly Away Home, One Green Apple, Each Kindness, A Different Pond, The Proudest Blue, and Encounter.

After you have shared your thinking, comment on at least two friend’s posts – share if you agree/disagree or if their thinking pushes you to revise your own understanding- be specific in your response.

Student Blogging Guidelines

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In the main navigation menu there is a “Blogging Guidelines” button. Click it and read about the expectations for Posting and for Commenting. After you have read each entry, create a comment and identify which guidelines you believe are most important and why. Happy commenting!