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In the main navigation menu there is a “Blogging Guidelines” button. Click it and read about the expectations for Posting and for Commenting. After you have read each entry, create a comment and identify which guidelines you believe are most important and why. Happy commenting!

45 thoughts on “Student Blogging Guidelines

  1. I think the most important one is #3, think before you post. I think it is important because if you don’t think first you might accidentally post something that might be inappropriate or might hurt someones feelings. That is why thinking before you post is a good thing to do.

  2. Thoughtful comments are constructive, but not hurtful. I think this is a good one because it means you can put your spin on a comment, but you can’t be hurtful.

  3. the comment that meant the most to me was number six of the posting guidelines because its always important to think of how would you feel if this happened to you, the other one that meant a lot to me was number eight because you always need to be aware of what your’e doing.

  4. I think number one is important in two ways one would yo want all people to know your personal imfo. Also If you try to talk bad abut someone they may be able to see it

  5. I think treat others the way you want to be treated is important because you would not want someone to be mean to you.

    I also think that sharing personal information is important beacause other people will be able to see your personal imformation which can be very serious & dangourous .

  6. You should also use correct grammar and spelling because if someone thinks you meant this, but you meant something else, then everyone would be confused, the comment would be misleading.

  7. I think it is important to give constructive but not hurtful comments. I think this is important because you should tell people how they can do something better but you shouldn’t say it in a mean way, but a way that will make them better. It’s also important to comment on something that is to do with the post because the person who posted will not wan’t random comments on their post that have nothing to do with their post.

  8. I think some important rules are knowing that people can see your post or comment, is on the internet forever so you could get in trouble because the comment or post can be mean. Also you should always be kind to others, it is not nice to be mean to others, it could hurt their feelings if you do something mean on your/the computer. Also you should always only post information that you would want anyone to see, no personal information. The last thing is that you should always check over your work before you post it.

  9. I think that “can this post let someone find you in real life” is important because you don’t want someone coming to your house and doing something bad. another important one is “who is going to see this and how are they going to interpret my words” because if someone reads it and thinks it is something mean they won’t feel good. an important rule for the comments is “don’t comment something that will hurt others” because you don’t want other people to be upset because of you
    another important commenting rules is “consider the author and meaning of the post” Because someone might think that you might say something like the post is funny but it might be a true story and be sad.

  10. I think the most important guidelines are, treat everyone how they want to be treated because I think the it is really easy to be mean to people posts or comments. The other one was thoughtful comments are constructive, but not hurtful because people can hurt people feelings without knowing.

  11. I think that you should check over your comments and posts because, you may have an error that you didn’t see while you were typing.

  12. I also think it is important to give constructive but not hurtful comments because you want to tell people what they can work on but you want to say it in a way that wont be hurtful to the other people

  13. I think the most important rule is that you need to you language because when you post something that is mean or harmful to other people it will hurt their feelings.

  14. i think number 6 is important . because it makes you think if what you are saying is nice or if it would hurt you if it was said to you.

  15. I think the first best rule is to be kind because it is not ok to be mean and you are hurting someone else’s feelings.
    I think the second most important rule is to think before you post because if you say something you don’t think is mean might hurt somebody else’s feelings and you could feel bad and want to say sorry but they might still be mad, then your both sad so you should never try to be mean

  16. I think some important rules are knowing your audience and you should always be kind when you comment on other peoples posts. I think its good to know your audience because when you post something, you want to make sure you know who can see it because you may only be comfortable posting it to certain people. I also think that it’s important to be kind when you’re commenting on other peoples posts because you don’t want to hurt someones feelings.

  17. Thoughtful comments follow the writing process. Comments are a published piece of writing. I think this sis important because it stays in your digital footprint so if you don’t have good punctuation or grammar you might want to revise your post.

  18. One of them I liked was, Thoughtful comments are constructive, but not hurtful. I like this because, you can really hurt someones feelings but not knowing it, so only say stuff thats constructive.

  19. I think comenting in a non-hurting way is important beause author of the post might be proud of there post and if you say something negative they will feel hurt.

  20. I think #1 is important, where you should know that anyone can see your post and not just the person you meant it for. If you meant it for someone else that knows you better but someone you don’t know reads it, he might not understand or the post might hurt that persons feelings. That is why I think #1 is important.

  21. I think #3 is the most important direction like Eric said , because something you said may be inappopriate and could hurt one’s feeling.Thinking twice may cause less trouble,and better for everyone

  22. Another one I liked was, Thoughtful comments answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic. I like this because, the person who made the post might need help with something and you can help them.

  23. I think the most important guidelines are, don’t share personal information because you don’t want people knowing who you are. The other one I think is thoughtful comments consider the author’s purpose of the post because your comment may not make sense if you don’t.

  24. I think thinking before you post is important because you can never delete what you have posted, if you try to delete it it will only be gone for you but it will still be there for other people and if you say something mean about them it will never be deleted for that person and that post might hurt their feelings

  25. I think the first for the second one is important to me beacuase you dont want it to be hurtful, even if it my not be a cool post

  26. I think that number 2 is really important on making a post because, you want to be safe and there are bad people in the world and you need to stay safe.

  27. Commenting on a Blog Post

    Something important is that you always have to be on topic when you comment. I think so because others could look at it and reply and ask why you went off topic. I also think so because you could hurt the person who posted it by going off topic on their blog.

  28. I think number 8 is important because, you might say something mean without knowing and that can really hurt someones feelings.

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