You have just  finished reading the book “Crash” by Jerry Spinelli.

How will you live differently after reading Crash? Be specific.

What parts of the story were most influential to you?

26 thoughts on ““Crash”

  1. i will live differently because i will pay more attention to people when it comes to determining weather people are trying to be nice, or mean. i will also live differently because i will question weather my actions/ friend’s actions are mean or nice

  2. I will be different in many different ways but one of the most important thing is to be kind to each other and understand how each other people feel

  3. I will live differently after reading Crash. I will learn to not judge people to quickly. I learned this because at first Crash judged Penn. In the end when he got to know Penn he realized that he was nice and he should not have judged him. As well as this I judged Crash too quickly but I should not have because I did not know his circumstances with his parents. I will also be kinder to people because I saw how much being unkind can hurt people. Last of all, I will not get back at people when they are mean to me. Instead I will tell an adult of simply ask them to please stop being mean.

  4. I will not be sad or upset if my parents can not come to something now because crash did not have his parents around most of the time and I have my parents around all the time. I will leave different because I know how it feels to be a bully and what it can feel like to have to deal with the regret of bullying someone so I will never never never bully someone. Or pretend to be friends with someone because it will hurt them to find out that you were pretending.
    – Abby

  5. 1. (I did not finish the book) In books with bullies we are usually in the victims point of view, not the bullies. I will live differently because Crash gave reasons for bullying Web, so now I will think people’s reasons for doing things.

    2. (I did not finish the book) The most influential part of the story to me was when Web gave Crash the healing mud. Earlier in the story Web said that mud was in his family for more than 50 years, so it was clear it was important to him. It felt influential because Web gave it to Crash, who bullied him, for the sake of Crash’s grandpa.

  6. I will live differently because if I meet someone who is not the nicest, I will remember that anyone can change. The most influential part of the story was when Crash let Penn win the race and this shows that he was beginning to like Penn and he stopped always wanting to win. Another influential part is when Crash made the crab cakes for Abby this part is influential because this was the first time Crash was thoughtful for someone. – Will McAllister

  7. I would live differently because I would think how a person getting bullied would feel. I would think differently before I would say something.

    Them most influential part to me was when Crash told Penn to lean forward at the rope. It was the most influential because that meant that for once crash didn’t want to win or he did want to win and he wanted Penn to win as well. He also might have wanted Penn to win because Penn’s great grandpa who won the relays was going to be there.

  8. How will you live differently after reading Crash?
    After reading Crash now I will, help people if there getting bullied and not just walk away and if i’m thinking of doing something mean even if I don’t know i am i will think again and stop.

    What parts of the story were most influential to you?
    The parts when Jane stood up for Penn because, I want to do that if anybody is being mean and i want to help them.


  9. I would live differently after reading Crash because now I know how someone would feel after someone bullys you and how bad it is to bully someone . A part that influenced me the most was when Jane stuck up for penn. I chose this part because even though everyone liked Crash, Jane decided to help Penn instead

  10. I will live differently by not judging someone just saying that they are mean for no reason because sometimes there is a lot going on with them which makes them mean.

    The part that was most influential was when Crash let Penn win the race so he could run in the Penn relay which helped make Penn and Crash friends. it also showed that bad people can change into good people.

  11. 1. I will be more grateful when I have time with parents and I will be cautious of bullying in my school,and if I am being bullied I will think about the bully’s reasons.
    2. The parts that were most influential to me are when Crash said he wanted to shoot Mike more than Pen. I also liked when Crash helped Pen win the Pen Relays. I liked it because it showed Crash’s true colors.

  12. the parts of the story that were most influential to me were when penn webb gave crash his special mud because he gave up one of his only things that he has to the person who was bullying him. another influential part of crash was when he actually gave back the crumpled up essay back to penn because he usuallly would just throw it out but he still gave it back.

  13. I will live different by.If I ever see someone getting hurt I will stand up for them and never be friends with the bully.When I see a unpopular kid I will leave him alone.When I see any person getting hurt my reaction will be very different.
    The part of the story that I thought was very meaningful was when Crash started to coach Penn because he thought it meant more to him than Crash I thought that was a huge turning point.The other turning point was when Mike was shooting Penn with the water gun and Crash didn’t join in.

  14. i will live differently because i will be grateful to spend time with my parents and not my friends but my family because if my family was not there for me all the time it would affect my actions and then i may not be a good person and be like crash mean and a bully and that is not a good person to be

  15. i did not read crash so i will answer this as good as i can. i would help peaple that are being bullied not be mean.

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  16. I think the part that most influenced me was when he let Penn win. Because in the start of the story crash always wanted to win so badly. He tackled his grandpa in a two hand touch game!

    When he let Penn win in the text crash said he did not want to win!

  17. I will live differently because Crash was a very meaning full story, and now I will be nicer to my family, friends, and I will be nicer to every thing. Even though my life my be the same in many ways it could also be different because of this story because of the theme. I will look at things different in my life, I will look more complex too.

    The parts of the story that were most meaning full for me were the part when Crash was changing but also when he realized he was changing, another part I felt strongly about was when he let Penn Web win the race, that was a big moment because Crash does not let any one else “win” ageist him, at lest in the beginning.
    the last part that meant a lot to me was when Crash ran to second time around and bought those red high heel shoes, even though he said he would never bye anything from that store in his whole life. That shows that Crash really cares for Scooter as a best friend but also as a grandpa that he does not want to loose.
    -Caroline Miller

  18. i will live diffrently because i will stop bullying/teasing to people and use my brain to think before i act and to have better foresight. i will soround myself with good people.
    The most influential part is when crash lets webb win the race and that is important because crash is very mean to crash

  19. They were many influential moments inside of the story ¨Crash¨ by Jerry Spinelli. One moment that stood out was when Penn just accepted he was being water gunned but did not fight back. This shows me that I should not fight back but I think Penn should have told somebody.

  20. I would live deferentially because i’m grateful to be with family and friends but I am also not mean.
    The parts of the story that were meaningful to me was when crash was changing. It really showed how he started to care more about not bullying.


  21. the part of the story that was most meaningful to me is when crash made abby the cat fish cakes because the old crash would not have made them and it was a bug turning point for crash one of the biggest parts of the story

  22. #1….Since I only read stories with the main character who is being bullied,and felt bad for them.And felt angry at the person who bullies the main charaters.But after reading Crash, I became to know person who bullies have a motive, and sometimes the bully is not their fault.So from now rather than getting angry at them,I want to think about the reason behind it.

    #2…The part where Crash let Penn win.

  23. I will live differently after reading Crash because now I know that if I’m being bullied I’ll act nice to my bully to see why he bully’s me and to maybe even become his friend.
    The most influential parts to me is first when Crash tackled his grandpa which made me think he didn’t care who he tackled to win, another part was when Penn gave his mud that was in his family for a while, which also made me think that no matter how bad Crash treated him

  24. After reading the book Crash, I will live differently because when my parents want to spend a day together with me, instead of having a play date, I will be thankful for my parents being around.

    When Penn gave Crash mud, it stuck out to me and made me think because Penn loved it and it was his only toy and he gave it to Penn. it also changes me as a person because now I will be more aware and considerate.

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