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Soldering is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!


Today was my first day using the soldering iron! It was so fun. I made a baseball player. He has a bat in his hands. When I was soldering the arms on, I got so scared when the solder started melting. I was calm when I soldered the bat on, because I already knew that […]

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We were working on circuits last Friday. It was very fun. I thought it was very easy to put the differnt wires on. I learned so much about electricity and batteries last week. I had fun telling my parents about how batteries work. I learned that the light was brighter in the circuit when I […]

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Electroscopes in wet weather


Electroscopes don’t work well in humid/rainy weather. It is so sad. On Wednesday we were using an electroscope. The weather was cloudy and humid. The electroscope didn’t work well. It barely moved. Mr. Calvert said that it works great in dry weather. He said that it goes up so high. The electroscope works when you […]

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