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Another tower


This week in tech we finished our flashlights, and started a new project! On Wednesday, Mr. Calvert started the day by giving us a little time on our flashlight. Then he told us all about our new project. I had finished my flashlight a while ago so I decided to go back to the block […]

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Finished flashlight (for real)


Even though I had finished making my flashlight a few last week, until about thirty five minutes ago it wasn’t official. Maybe I should back up. In tech the last two days, I was helping another kid with his flashlight. Today Mr. Calvert took a picture of me with my flashlight and said I could […]

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what I should have told you a while ago


…how to solder. That is the end of the sentence I started in the end of my last post. So first you have to shape your wire. Then you position it in the third hand (two clips to hold the wire). Once you have set everything up it is time to start soldering. Make sure […]

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Mr. Calvert’s helpers


Last Friday, everyone who finished their flashlight, helped someone who had a lot left. I helped someone by explaining how to use the drill press, show him how to strip wire, describe the best way I would manage time, and guide him with soldering. I was not the only person helping, there were about one […]

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finished flashlight (somewhat)


Today I decorated  my flashlight! I colored it gold and yellow. It looks so good. I can’t wait for tomorrow when it will be dry.   Yesterday I put my circuit in my pipe! Mr. Calvert helped me put in the light, and then I put the cap on and put the switch in. Next […]

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Soldering wires


Today in tech I continued my flashlight project. We started pretty late but I had enough time to finish soldering and test it. It was my first time doing soldering with more then just metal.It worked on the first try! Tomorrow I will put the circuit in the pipe and add the cap on the […]

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The big project!


After reading my last two posts, you’re probably wondering:   What is his big project? If you are wondering that, then you’re in luck!     My big project is making a waterproof flashlight❗️ We are using PVC pipes, wires (red and black), and a bunch of other cool supplies. We are using drill presses, […]

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(Somewhat) Impossible tower


In my last blog I mentioned that I started a big project. Yesterday I finished planning, so I had some free time while everyone else was planning. I decided to go back to a tower building project from September. The tower I built took so many tries, and even after I was done it looked […]

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🐕 Solder dog friends


After tech yesterday I chose to stay late and make a second solderdog! I finished my first on so quickly that I choose to make a second, because I had no other ideas of what to make. Both of them were super easy to make. Even though the are most likely my last solder people/animal, […]

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More soldering!


In tech today I finished a second solder fencer. After school I stayed late to make a solder dog and a second solder baseball player. My next three posts will be about each individual one. In tech today I wrote a blog post about the idea that I have an army of solder people, and […]

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