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My last big project


Today was the last day of tech.😭 I finished decorating my automata, which was all I had left. I even had time to make a solder person: What was somewhat hard about decorating was that my plane was constantly wobbly. I have used so many tools during this project scroll saw soldering iron pliers hot […]

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My automata✈️


Today was my second to last day of tech. Luckily I was able to get so close to finishing my automata. All I have left is to finish using paint markers to decorate. I also can cover the inside if I want to. Here is what I did over the last few days: On Tuesday […]

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The NEW big project❗️


You know I like to keep you in suspense about big projects, right?But you know I would tell you eventually, right? So here is the new big project: We are making automata! So far I am pretty much done with the inside of the box: Here is a video of it in motion: 02893742-09A3-4A99-9315-BBF674110811-2hp9nk6 I […]

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October tech (was awesome)


I probably had the most fun in tech during October. There were so many fun things. My favorite was making the flashlight! Here are some other fun things: all the solder people I made the new project the towers You may have noticed that there aren’t many things I did. That is because we spent a […]

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