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Updates on the box


It has been very busy in tech (working on the box) so it was hard to find time to post but here is were I am so far:   I have now done all the cross-cutting (going perpendicular to the grain) but still need to rip (cut along the grain) because that requires a different […]

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Measuring my wood


Today I got my wood and was able to measure it. Here is a picture of the wood when I got it: Now here is it after I measured everything carefully: We used try squares when measuring to make sure it is a perfect square (or rectangle).   Next week I should be able to […]

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Practice sawing


Today we started by learning how to use the miter box saw. We will use it to cut the woods for the box. Here is what the saw looks like:     Then I was able to use scrap wood to practice on the saw. At first I was having trouble using it hard enough […]

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New thoughts on the box


When looking at the model I thought it looked too big. I decided that since I already added some inches it would be ok to take away a few so it is the size that looks good to me. I changed my measurements to be 10 x 6 x 5. I liked the width so […]

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Continuing our project


We are making a box. We needed to creat a story for it. Here is mine: “ The flashlight (from 6th grade tech) was very successful but Eli kept losing it. Luckily he found it each time but he didn’t want to take chances. He needed a place to put it. He decided to make […]

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Starting our project


We spent most of the week so far planning for our project. On Monday and Tuesday we worked on a plan on paper/our iPads. Yesterday we continued and also started making a model out of cardboard. We were drawing out where we will cut it and today we actually did do some of the cutting. […]

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Safety in tech 7


Safety is an important part of tech. There are many rules from last year that care still very important: Wear safety glasses No running Ask before using tools And many more basic safety rules… Since this year there are a lot more tools there are also some new (but equally important) rules: We should push […]

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