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Lockdown and polycrilic


Yesterday I did 4/5 coats of polycrilic. That was done between lunch and class. Today in class I was going to do my final coat, but we had a lockdown drill! I will have to come at lunch to finish it.   To aptly polycrilic I use a paint brush and brush it everywhere that […]

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Stained at lunch!!!


In class today I didn’t end up doing any work on the box because there were to big lines to use tools and we were making a plan of the next 10 days.  That’s right. We only have 10 days left.   I was going to come at lunch anyways but it made lots of sense […]

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Top is off


Today I cut the top off. Now I will need to sand that edge a little. Then I can’t stain. Me (and Ms. Giroux) used the table saw to cut it. Look a little closer: I will have to sand that part down. I think I will be using a sanding board (sandpaper on a […]

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Done routing


I finished routing today. It is were you add a decorative edge to the box. Here is what it looks like now: But we received some bad news today: THERE IS ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT! I may have to come at lunch to finish up.   I also learned how I will engrave my name […]

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Sanding after glue


So far this week, I have been sanding. This is to make all the edges perfect. First I used the belt sander. Then I used the the palm sander. Now I will be able to route the top. That gives it a decorative edge. After that I will be able to cut off the top. […]

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All glued❗️


That is the good news. The bad news is that now I have nothing to do the rest of the period, so its time for a blog post! Yesterday, when I saw my glued (sides, front & back) box it looked perfect! Well almost, some of the connections weren’t straight, but that was just needs […]

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Resolved the problem with gluing


When I cam in to day to fix the piece that dint glue, I turned out that there was the same problem with another section. I was able to fix it and it is now drying in the vise. here are the steps I used to fix it: Use the palm sander to  sand the […]

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What it looks like after gluing


Today was for watching videos about what we will do, but I did get to see my glued box: Remember that this is just having glued the  front, back, and sides. Unfortunately, one of the sides didn’t glue well: It is ok, because I just need I just need to stick a little glue in […]

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Week review: from sanding to a fire drill, and everywhere in between!


It was a very exciting week in tech! Finished up manual sanding with sandpaper and used belt sander to fix some edges. When using the band saw, not just did I have to wear safety glasses but also a dust mask. Yesterday, at the end of class my wood was ready to be glued, but […]

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Status report: rip cutting = DONE!


That means that all the cutting is done. This is what my box looks like. It doesn’t fit perfectly but that is why I need to sand it. This does tell you what it size is. I am excited to finally be done cutting and ready to move on (there still is chance that I […]

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