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Week review: from sanding to a fire drill, and everywhere in between!


It was a very exciting week in tech!

Finished up manual sanding with sandpaper and used belt sander to fix some edges.

Belt sander

When using the band saw, not just did I have to wear safety glasses but also a dust mask.

Me with a dust mask and safety glasses

Yesterday, at the end of class my wood was ready to be glued, but there wasn’t time. Today we started class, reviewing the different tools. That took half the class. After that I was able to glue my wood. First you glue the sides, front, and back. Then once its dried you can sand it again, before gluing on the top and bottom. Here is what you actually do to glue it:

  1. put the glue on
  2. attach the wood
  3. repeat for all pieces
  4. put in vice to dry 

But right hen I was about to put it in the vise, we had a fire drill! Luckily, I was able to put the wood in the vice when we came back (it wasn’t too long of a wait, like I was afraid of. Then I would have break the pieces of wood apart, and if that didn’t work, I would have had to remake it).

My drying wood in the vice

I am excited to see my wood on Tuesday (school closed Monday).

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