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Stained at lunch!!!


In class today I didn’t end up doing any work on the box because there were to big lines to use tools and we were making a plan of the next 10 days.  That’s right. We only have 10 days left.


I was going to come at lunch anyways but it made lots of sense especially because I didn’t do anything related to the box in class. So during lunch here is what I did:

  1. Buy lunch
  2. Bring it down to tech
  3. Eat lunch
  4. Work on box
    1. Belt sand
    2. Stain!

The belt sanding was just to get rid of the edge that it got from cutting off the top:

For staining I:

  1. Put on a apron and gloves
  2. Choose stain (I chose red mahogany)
  3. Get rag
  4. Apply stain
    1. Put stain on one side
      1. Dip brush in
      2. Rub on stain
      3.  Repeat as many times as needed
      4. Wipe off extra stain with rag
    2. Repeat on all sides (except for inside)
    3. Repeat for top
  5. Put box in locker to dry
  6. Dispose of used rag in garbage
  7. Take off apron and gloves

I can’t wait to see it tomorrow!


Because  it  was lunch I didn’t bring my iPad, so I don’t have any pictures.
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