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4 Days Left😢


That includes today.


After doing my final coat of polycrilic I was able to use fine sand and steel wool.  That is just getting rid of pumps and making the polycrilic smooth. It makes it look bad but after I flock I will wax it to make it look shiny and nice.

I was also able to do hinges:

You may notice that the box looks white. That is because of the fine sanding and steel wool.

How to hinge:

  1. Put box in vise and line it up
  2. Do one hinge
    1. Measure where to put the hinge
    2. Do one hole
      1. Use awl and hammer to make a hole in wood
      2. screw in screw in the hole
    3. Repeat for the other 3 holes
  3. Repeat for other hinge


Today I will come at lunch to do the flocking.

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