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What I did in the final days of tech


My box is finished and I will make a blog post about the entire process but this post is about what I did since my last post.


My box after flocking

After hinges I flocked.

Here is how I flocked:

  1. Apply glue
    1. Make sure it is heavily applied to part of exposed wood
  2. Apply flocking
    1. Take a big scoop of flocking
      1. put it in box
    2. SHAKE BOX
  3. Dump out extra flocking
  4. Wait a day to dry
  5. Check if it is done (there is no empty patches)
    1. If done then flocking is done
      1. If not: fix it
        1. Dap glue into missing spots
        2. Reapply flocking
        3. Go back to waiting a day and checking if done

I hade to reapply once.

My box after engraving

Then I engraved. I used a cool wood burning tool that looked kinda like a soldering iron.






Then I waxed. Here is how I waxed:

  1. Do paste wax
    1. Rub in paste wax
    2. Use towel to rub off paste wax
  2. Do spray wax
    1. Do one side
      1. Spray a little wax on
      2. Rub in the wax
    2. Repeat on all sides


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