Dora’s Art

These two sculptures were made by my buddy Dora. What I love about them is the amount of detail that she put into each one. What I also like about her work is that it is very unique, and that it is her original creation, and I think that it shows that she is a very creative and innovative person. What I like about kindergarten  art is that it is always very colorful, and that it shows off their style.







These are sculptures of Dora and her mom. The one on the left is she mom, and she is the one on the right


My buddy is a little girl named Dora. She is very sweet and has her own unique style. She has this dress that is grey with a variety if different color hearts all around which I love. She is always looking for the bright side in things. She is always willing to share. Dora is very creative, and artistic. For example she made two very adorable unique sculptures which you will see in my next post. Another example of that is for halloween she made her own robot costume! It was very obvious that she put a lot of time and effort into it. She is a great buddy, and I can’t wait to spend my school year with her.

The Food Bank

The food bank is a charity that provides food for people who need it. There are thousands of charities like the food bank. I particularly like the food bank because even if you are to young to volunteer in person, it doesn’t mean that you cant help at all.

Some of the ways that you can help are you could prepare meals, serve meals, or if you are to young to volunteer in person you could send food to the charity. There goal is to help end hunger across the world. The food bank isn’t just in one place, they have opportunities all across the globe. If you go on there website you will see all the different events they have.

Another charity that is great is the children’s hope chest. There mission is to help children in your community that suffer from poverty, abuse, neglect, and illness. They allow children to volunteer, instead of just adults.

Leave To Soon

( This is just a blurb of my full story )

It’s happened before, more than once, so I’m used to it. In all of the other schools I’ve been in I’ve never a reason to have friends. I have tried but by the time I got one we always had to move, so I stopped bothering. I knew the same exact thing would happen here, and I definitely knew I wouldn’t try here. Everyone had already chosen their friends. No one would be friends with the girl coming in the middle of November, dropping all of their other friends. Almost all the students had been here since kindergarten.

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Where I’m From

A Tarzan A Swing And A Hammock



I am from my parents. I am from my mom’s pancakes in the morning. And from my dad who would do anything for me when I am sick. I am from my parents.


I am from my home. Where I am shielded from all the harm I know of. From the air vent in my living room that makes too much noise, but only when I’m watching T.V.   I am from my home.


I am from my bedroom where I can be myself. From my blanket that warms me, like meeting a best friend that you haven’t seen in years. I am from my stuffed panda that keeps me warm in the darkness. I am from my bedroom.


I am from that big old oak tree in my backyard. I am from the way it covers me like a big leafy roof. The way it holds a tarzan, a swing, and a hammock without complaining once. I am from watching tiny pink and white flower buds grow from the branches in the spring, watching the petals fall off one by one as though they have been rehearsing for this moment for years, forming a pink and white blanket on the grass, which I don’t dare step on, scared that I will ruin the beauty. I am from the big oak tree.


I am from my family.  They are my home, they are my light, and they are my darkness. They give me hope, they make me feel big when I feel little. They are the reason I get up in the morning. They make me who I am.  My family is where I’m from.

From A Safe Distance

( This is just a blurb of my full story )

I wanted to yell at my sister.  She was always ruining everything.  Of course I knew that It wasn’t her fault, but it was easier to be mad at her for what she had done.  I was the one that was going to get in trouble for what she had done, because I was the one that had failed to keep her from being bad, and I had failed to make this evening go well for my mom’s friend.  I had failed…

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I’m Back!

Stitches On My Birthday

I’m very clumsy. Once at my friend’s birthday party I accidentally knocked her birthday cake on the floor. One day my dad was late picking me up from school since there was a vulture eating a dead squirrel in the middle of the road. So he had to wait until it left to pick me up. On my friends birthday we had the dumb idea of wearing my mom’s high heels and go outside. While we were going down the stairs my friend tripped, fell face first on the sidewalk, and had to get stitches on her forehead. I don’t like to swim in the ocean. Not too long ago I was at my friends house for a sleepover and we were going shopping. My friends realized that she was missing 20 dollars, and was really upset when she couldn’t find it. So to make her feel better I took one of my 20 dollar bills, crumpled it up, placed it on her bed, and waited for her to find it.When my brother asks why I say, “Fish poop in that water all day.”  I had to get stitches on my 10th birthday.  Sometimes when I’m bored I waste hot glue. When I was in preschool I flushed paper towels down the toilet. It over flowed and water went out of the bathroom and all over the classroom. When I was seven years old my little sister, Serra, kicked out my loose tooth and I couldn’t find it. The last thing I eat before I’m sick I never eat it again.