Dora’s Day At The Movies

My buddy Dora wrote a story about when she went to the movies with her grandma, her dad, and her sister. She saw the movie Ferdinand. She called her story “The day I Love the Movies”. She wrote about the car ride to the movies, about where they sat, how they felt, how they left and what they ate after the movies, they ate celery and hot dogs. The movie was about bull named Fernando who didn’t want to fight. Her favorite part of the movie was when they fought.  She thought that’s the part when Fernando got a cut was very scary. In her book Dora spent a lot of time on her illustrations. Her story show how fun spending quality time with your family can be.

Corpus Callosum

Our brain is divided into two hemisphere, the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The thing connecting the left and right hemisphere is called the corpus callosum. When you write with your left hand the right hemisphere is working, and if you write with your right hand the left hemisphere is working, and the two  hemispheres can send signals to each other. The reason that they can send signals is the corpus callosum. Some people have to have the corpus callosum removed from their brain. The reason some people have to get it removed is because they have a lot of seizures and getting it removed stops the spread of seizures from hemisphere to hemisphere, however it also stops the two hemispheres form sending signals to each other.  For example if you cover your left eye and look at a pencil with your right eye, you can write the what you saw with your left hand, because your left hemisphere can tell your right hemisphere what it saw. But if you have your corpus callosum removed and cover your left eye and look at a pencil with your right eye, you can’t write what you saw with your left hand, because the two hemispheres have no way to connect without your corpus callosum. If you have any questions about this topic please leave a comment!