Solder irons are irons that can get up to 950 degrees. We use it to fuse wire for circuits, sculptures and so much more. We use a metal called solder, which has a very low melting point, as a glue.




Using a soldering iron is easy, but you still have to be very carful. You should always wear protection around your eyes when working with anything that hot, so that if something that is hot shoots up at your face, your eyes are protected. If you have long hair you should also always wear your hair up so that you don’t burn it.


How do you use it?

When you are soldering metal it gets very hot, so to make sure that you don’t burn you hands when you are solderingĀ  you will use something called a third hand. They are very flexible so they are very easy to use. Once you have your metal in the shape you want, you have to heat up the metal before you solder it so that the solder sticks better. Once you have it hot enough, while keeping your iron on the metal you want to bring your stick of solder to the iron and let it melt onto the two pieces that you want glued.